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Mercury during pregnancy

Mercury is a metal that when exposed to, can cause serious problems for both you and Baby, and should be strongly be avoided during pregnancy.

How is mercury dangerous for Baby?

Significant amounts of mercury are very bad for a growing baby in the womb, and may result in stunted neurological development, and problems with hearing or eyesight. Mercury exposure during pregnancy may also be linked to other cognitive or physical delays that healthcare providers just aren’t sure about yet, so it’s very important to keep exposure to a minimum.

How is mercury dangerous for mom?

Exposure to high quantities of mercury is known to have debilitating outcomes in many cases (even for those who are not pregnant), as it can do serious harm to the brain and nervous system, as well as the functioning of other organs, like the kidneys. Mercury poisoning may also result in ear or eye problems.

What are some common sources of mercury?

Many heavy fish, like shark and swordfish, contain high levels of mercury, and should therefore be avoided, or highly limited during pregnancy. Fluorescent lightbulbs may also contain mercury, so pregnant women should probably avoid cleaning up the mess from any of these. If your job requires you to handle significant amounts of mercury, you might want to change up your role during pregnancy.

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