Growth spurts through childhood

Baby can’t stop, they can’t even slow down – as they move through this first year of their life, they're going to triple their birth weight, and in the first half of their first year, they could grow as much as an inch per month – before slowing down in the second half to just about 3/8ths of an inch, or about a centimeter, every month. All that growing doesn’t happen steadily, though, and most babies have a few growth spurts – stretches of time when they’re growing a lot very quickly.

When do growth spurts happen?

Growth spurts often happen at certain common times in the first time – usually some time around two weeks old, two months old, four months old, and six months old. They can happen at any time, though, and sometimes, you may not even know it until Baby needs to move up to the next size of onesie.

Signs that Baby might be in the middle of a growth spurt include:

  • Eating more: All that growth needs fuel! Most babies who are going through growth spurts may be hungry more often, or may eat more when mealtime comes around.
  • Sleep changes: For many babies having growth spurts, it’s tiring work, and they may need more or longer naps, or may sleep longer at night. However, this isn’t universal, and some babies sleep more restlessly during growth spurts.
  • Fussiness: During growth spurts, some parents report that babies are a little fussier or crankier than usual, and may cry a little more often than they have been lately. Don’t worry – growth spurts pass quickly, and you’ll have your sunny Baby back before you know it!

Growth spurts are a normal part of the way babies grow up. After this first year of Baby’s life, their growth will start to slow considerably, and you won’t see growth spurts like these until around the time when puberty rolls around.

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