Physical development

Baby is growing like a little weed, getting bigger and stronger every day. Ovia Health has articles with more info on baby's physical development.

toddler running

How much exercise do toddlers need?

mom helping baby walk

The case for bare feet in early walking

toddler coloring

Is your toddler ready to hold a crayon yet?

baby throwing ball

Why do babies love throwing things on the ground?

dad helping baby walk to mom

A toddler walking timeline

mom watching baby crawl

Stages of crawling

A baby smiling on floor.

Why do babies need to stay active?

A newborn baby laying on bed to represent newborn hearing development.

Your newborn’s hearing in the first month

A baby getting bath.

Washing your newborn with a sponge

A baby laying down.

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Growth spurts through childhood

Does my toddler need more exercise?

The evolution of a toddler’s pencil grip

Toddlers who look older than they are

A person holding their newborn baby's soft spot.

Why does my newborn have a soft spot?

A person looking into their newborn baby's eyes to represent vision development the first few months after birth.

Your newborn’s vision in the first month

A baby grasping their parent's finger as part of their many reflexes.

Your newborn’s reflexes

Staying active with your toddler

When can children start playing sports?

The benefits of letting toddlers climb

How can I get my child to stop running?

When will my toddler learn to jump?

The development of handedness in toddlers

Clothes shopping with your growing toddler

Climbing toddlers

Sports skills and toddler development

When should I stop using the stroller?

How tall is my child going to be?

When will my toddler waltz? A skills breakdown

The tenets of tidiness: Teaching your toddler about cleaning up

Signs of vision problems in toddlers

The evolution of your toddler’s posture

Adding physical activity to a city-dwelling toddler’s life


Baby’s eyesight development timeline

Should I still be carrying my toddler?

Buying shoes for growing feet

From abstract to surreal: A toddler art development timeline

Physical changes in the second year

Your toddler the escape artist


When do babies start walking up the stairs?


What happens when my child starts climbing?


Is it normal for babies to fall when learning how to walk?


How fast do babies grow out of shoes?

When do babies start pulling up?

Why are some babies bowlegged?

What is cross-crawling?

Does this mean baby is a lefty?


What is scooting?

Signs a baby is getting ready to crawl


Development of the pincer grasp

Adventures of the bouncing baby


Baby-proofing for crawling

Motor skills at 5 months

When do babies grow hair?

Toddler dancing development

Toddlers and body image

Getting started with tummy time

Two baby hands touching an outlet that's made safe by a cover. This is to represent baby proofing your house.

12 baby-proofing must-dos

A person looking at their babies teeth wondering what age the rest of them come in.

When will baby’s teeth start coming in?

A baby laying on their stomach in a crib.

Fun tummy time games

Encouraging self-sufficiency in your toddler

Practical ways to practice fine motor skills

What to do when your toddler picks up a “throwing things” habit

The effects of play on development

Second year milestones

Should my toddler be in swimming lessons?

13 months old

Preemie milestones for the first year 

What if my child still isn’t walking?

Pointing as communication