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41 weeks pregnant

Even though you probably can’t wait to meet Baby, some babies just seem to like hanging out in the womb a little longer than others. The vast majority of babies aren’t born on their due dates, it’s much more likely that Baby is working on their own schedule. Rest assured that you’ll get to meet your little love very soon!

How’s Baby?

By now, Baby is developmentally ready to be born — it’s just a matter of hours or days! Unless staying inside for a bit longer poses a health risk to either of you, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to wait until labor starts naturally on its own. 

If Baby doesn’t arrive by the end of this week, your OB provider will start to talk to you seriously about inducing labor. It’s probably been brought up already, but the risks of going past 42 full weeks of pregnancy are generally greater than any benefits. If an induction feels like a scary or overwhelming idea, take some extra time to talk with your OB provider about all of the different options at home and in the hospital to move things along. More information can go a long way to feeling comfortable with a changing birth plan.

What’s new with you?

Playing the waiting game, in all likelihood! But besides counting the minutes until you meet Baby, what else might be happening? Third trimester symptoms like constipation, swelling, and fatigue may still be running rampant, though some folks get a burst of energy! However you’re feeling, know that it’s just a waiting game at this point. If you happen to have a lot of time on your hands and are feeling anxious to meet your little one, it can be great to spend some of that time doing simple activities that can help you feel relaxed, boost your mood, and help you focus on yourself. Not only is it nice to make some time for yourself before your little one’s arrival — you’ve earned it, after all — but finding time to care for yourself and attend to your own needs is an important habit to keep up even after Baby is born.

If you’re physically comfortable doing so, even something like going for a nice, long walk can be a great way to spend some me-time. And a walk might also help to manage some of those symptoms and may even help induce labor. Nobody is entirely sure what event triggers natural labor, but one way or another, you’re going to have Baby in your arms before you know it!

Reviewed by the Ovia Health Clinical Team, Feb 2024
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