Things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy

During my most recent trip to my home state, I was fortunate to be there for the last week and a half of my close friend’s pregnancy with twin boys. I got to see her for three or four days during that time, and I often couldn’t help but wonder how she felt knowing she was going from a mother of one to a mother of three! I also know that by this point she was so ready to get the babies out that she would trade her foot to have her body back. Thinking back, I hated those last few weeks before giving birth. You wonder if you will ever have the energy to move again and you’re obsessed with thoughts on how your beautiful bundle or bundles will look.

If you find yourself unsure of what to do for your last few weeks of pregnancy consider some of the following.

Hang with friends

My friend and I opted for this option. We weren’t sure how long it would be before we got to hang out one-on-one again so those last few weeks seemed as good a time as any.

We did simple things like sitting around and talking about our expectations of the next few weeks and binge watching our favorite TV shows. This was a very small thing to do but it felt great knowing I would be with my friend in the last moments before her life changed so significantly.

Do family stuff

The last few days of my pregnancy were spent walking around stores with my mother and brother. I did this for two reasons. One was that I really wanted to get that freaking baby out of me and I hoped that walking would speed up the process. The second was that I wanted to hang out with my mother and brother without the complication that would later arise from having to carry a stroller and a diaper bag everywhere I went from that week forward.

A new baby will change your family dynamic even if you already have children. Consider spending that last week or two loving on your partner, kids, or even your parents. Things will never be the same.

Prep the house

This one often goes without saying. Due to the phenomena referred to as “nesting,” many of us spend those last few weeks running around like chickens without heads trying to make sure everything is ready for the baby’s room. Nearly every mom I’ve heard of has gone through a nesting process. It feels like you have done nothing even though you have done a lot. You’ll probably spend your time doing this anyway, so get ready and nest away.


This last option is pretty boring but it will likely be quite some time before you have the opportunity to do it again. While all babies are different, most of them come with some sleep issues in the beginning. Try to load up on sleep while you can, and get some much-needed shut-eye. You’ll miss it when the baby comes

The last few weeks of pregnancy are filled with options and sometimes all of them seem horrible because you’re so excited about meeting your new baby. Above all, remember to enjoy these last moments.

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