Fun and games: Dance-off

Does Baby have the energy of a jumping bean? Are every pair of shoes they have dancing shoes? Does they hate rainy days because they can’t get all their energy out when they're stuck inside? If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be time for a dance-off!

Dance-off strategies

There are a thousand different ways to get your little one on their feet after you put on a catchy song, but some of the best ways are the ones you can get involved in too.

  • Hello, operator: Dance-offs can be like a game of telephone – you do a dance sequence, then they imitate you, then you imitate them, and on and on until you’re both laughing too hard to keep going.
  • The anti-imitation game: On the other hand, once you’ve done a dance, maybe Baby doesn’t want to copy you, maybe they want to jump right into doing an even cooler dance than you just did. And how else can you respond than by busting out some even cooler moves than that? Don’t worry if Baby has you beat, though – even if they don’t always have rhythm, toddlers definitely have style.
  • Monster mashup: The music that’s playing is the lifeblood of any dance – so how is Baby supposed to respond when the solemn symphony they're dancing to suddenly switches to a pop song that’s fizzy as soda? Can their dance moves adapt? There’s only one way to find out…

A love of music is a great thing to be able to share with your little one, and the toddler years are a perfect time to make dancing a part of your family’s routine – especially before Baby has time to grow into being self-conscious about their sweet, sweet moves.

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