One person teaching another how to hold a newborn baby.

Helping friends and family hold your newborn correctly

After the first few days and weeks of being a parent, holding Baby can feel as natural as taking those first steps out of bed in the morning (and chances are, you’ve got some serious muscles to show for it).

How to teach others to hold your newborn

Sooner or later, given the cuddliness of your new miniature-sized family member, you’re sure to be asked that inevitable question: “Can I hold them?” It’s hard to predict how Baby will respond to being held by someone new, as reactions can range from hunky-dory to downright fussy. Still, before making any newborn transactions, you can increase the odds of a smooth hand-off by offering their soon-to-be holder some sage advice.

Keep it clean

Baby‘s immune system is as itty-bitty as the rest of them, which means that it’s not quite ready to take on even some of the most routine threats. Take a moment before passing them into a new pair of hands to make sure those hands have been washed till they’re germ-free, and that the person they’re attached to hasn’t been fighting off a cold, or something more serious.

Mind the head

Sometimes an admiring holder can be so taken by Baby’s cuteness that they’ll overlook the importance of protecting their developing neck muscles. When you pass Baby to the new holder, show them how to support their head with one hand while supporting their bottom with the other.

Take it slow

Any abrupt change of movement will almost certainly startle Baby. Ideally, it’s best to let someone new hold them for the first time while sitting. This makes the switch less noticeable for them.

Rest on the chest

One of the safest newborn-holding techniques involves allowing Baby to relax their head against your chest. Hearing the holder’s heartbeat and feeling so close can naturally comfort the newborn. Just be sure to remind Baby’s holder to ensure that Baby’s head is facing sideways while resting in this position so that their breathing isn’t obstructed.

Try a little tender rocking

In the event that Baby begins to whimper or cry, a gentle rocking motion of a few inches side-to-side or up-and-down can be a comforting remedy. Try encouraging Baby’s new holder to give this time-tested technique a shot if Baby starts to get vocal.

Relax. You’ve got this

Let’s face it: holding somebody else’s newborn can be both joyous and nerve-wracking! And because newborns are so physically sensitive, it won’t help matters if Baby’s holder begins tensing up. Giving the new holder confidence-boosting feedback on how they’re holding your newborn will make for a cucumber-cool cuddling session.

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