A person holding their newborn baby's soft spot.

Why does my newborn have a soft spot?

When you’re gently feeling around Baby’s body or shampooing their hair, don’t panic if you feel two soft spots on the front and back of Baby’s head. These are called fontanelles, which are the natural gaps between the bones of their skull.

Your newborn and their bald spot(s), here are the details

Fontanelles play an important role in giving Baby’s head the flexibility it needs to get through your narrow birth canal and are necessary to allow their head and brain room to grow and develop. Many parents are afraid of touching these spots, but you don’t have to be: there’s a strong membrane that protects Baby’s skull, so don’t worry if you touch them, just be gentle.

Eventually, the bones in Baby’s head will fuse together and these tiny gaps will close. The fontanelle on the back of their head will close within the first 3 or 4 months, and the one in the front will fuse when they are somewhere between about a year and year and a half old. You might notice their fontanelles slightly bulging when they strain during a bowel movement, or sometimes even coinciding with their heartbeats. Notify a doctor if Baby has soft spots that are very caved in or bulging out significantly, since this could signal dehydration or excess pressure, but otherwise, just be gentle, and all should be well.

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