Best books for babies

One great way to interact with and engage Baby during these cuddly first few months is by reading books together. This activity gives them the chance to hear your voice in addition to gaining some exposure to different sounds, words, shapes, and images on each page. Reading is also an easy way to create a bedtime routine for your little one. This consistency, along with the comfort they receive while you read to them, could help foster a love for reading that they may carry with them for years to come.

Black & white books

When Baby is a newborn, their eyes are still developing and adjusting to be able to see the world around them. Black and white books feature high-contrast images that are easiest for a young baby to see and focus on. These books are simple and effective at introducing Baby to different shapes and objects in their environment.


Hello, Animals! and Hello, Bugs! both by Smriti Prasadam

Black on White and White on Black both by Tana Hoban

Cloth books

Cloth books are just what they sound like…books made out of cloth! Cloth books make it easy for Baby to interact with the pages without doing any lasting damage, because by “interact” we mean “chew.” Cloth books can be far more entertaining for babies than books they can’t engage with as comfortably, and some of them even make fun sounds like you might find in a stuffed animal.


Elephant and Friends and Giraffe and Friends, both by Rettore.

Bedtime books

If you decide to incorporate reading into your bedtime routine, it is helpful to have books that touch on the topic of going to sleep. These books often feature soothing words. calming images, and repetition, to help Baby wind down before bed.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Time for Bed by Mem Fox

It’s Time to Sleep, My Love by Nancy Tillman

Animal books

Animals in any form are often a big hit with children. In fact, babies often learn how to say animal noises before real words. With animal books, you can expose Baby to the world of creatures big and small from a very young age. Your newborn will love looking at the faces of various animals on the pages of these books.


Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Bright Baby Animals by Roger Priddy

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? by Eric Carle

The classics

You may have fond memories of being read to as a little one. You may even have a favorite book or two from your childhood that you can remember word for word. These classic stories will help you connect with Baby, and they may someday love to hear that you read two the same books growing up. These tried and true favorites are sure to be a hit for both you and Baby.

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