Language and communication development

Baby is not only growing, they're also learning how to communicate! Ovia offers articles with information on baby's language and communication development.

parents reading to their two children,

The Ovia Bookshelf: Black History Month Edition

two men play with their son on the floor

Explaining gender and orientation to your child

toddler with baby sibling

How will I introduce the idea of a sibling to a toddler?

mom and toddler reading

Pre-reading skills in the third year

toddler on monkey bars

Teaching your toddler their own strength

toddler and mom

Your toddler and body language

father and son reading

Expanding your toddler’s vocabulary

not happy toddler

Baby’s new favorite word: “no”

dad talking with baby

What are some common first words?

baby with book

Benefits of reading to your baby

A smiling baby.

Smiling and newborns

woman standing with arms crossed

Making immunization visits less stressful

What is elimination communication?

Handling a swearing toddler

Best books for babies

toddler repeating speech bubble

Repeat after me, or on second thought, don’t: Teach your children well, but maybe not to swear just yet

Mom and daugther doing yoga

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: How I model healthy habits for my own children so they won’t worry like I do

Handling questions you don’t know the answer to


Learning to talk in a multilingual household

How to talk to your child about race and racism

Should I make my child hug relatives?

woman standing with arms crossed

Making immunization visits less stressful

Does your toddler mumble?

6 things your baby’s cries might mean

Communicating your toddler’s boundaries to relatives

Your toddler’s grasp on grammar

When you and your toddler don’t see eye-to-eye

Crib talk and your toddler

When do toddlers start to speak in sentences?

It takes a village: How community programs can enrich your baby’s life

Easy read-aloud techniques to help boost language development

Answering the big questions

When to step in to toddler arguments

The right kinds of books for two-and-a-half-year-olds

Encouraging your toddler’s imagination: Beyond pretend play

When your child and your friend’s child don’t get along

Talking to your toddler about tough stuff

6 reasons why the toddler years are the best years

Dinner conversation and your toddler

The evolution of parallel play

Talking to your toddler about their own feelings

Teaching toddlers about indoor voices

Teaching your toddler to tell the truth

Fun and games: Rhyming

Talking to your toddler about your feelings

Apologizing to your toddler

When should I be concerned about my baby not talking?

Your toddler and the word ‘why’

Swearing around children

Encouraging your one-year-old’s growing vocabulary

Signs of receptive language in your contrary toddler

What is holophrastic speech and why is my child using it?

The evolution of the bedtime story


Ways to build your baby’s vocabulary


Translating baby talk


How to help baby say your name

When do most babies start talking?

A person playing with their baby.

Helping your child learn about object permanence

Baby “sign language”: the other imitation game

Helping your toddler practice conversational skills

What if my child still isn’t speaking in sentences?

Why does my toddler keep telling the same joke over and over again?

Twins and mysterious connections

Should I correct my toddler’s pronunciation?

Talking to your toddler about their day

Games to expand your toddler’s vocabulary

Language development in the third year

Second year milestones

When your toddler is aggressive

Your toddler and the full sentences of the future

13 months old

Encouraging language development as your toddler grows

Echoing and learning to speak

Toddler storytelling and self-narratives

Your toddler’s secret langauge: Translating toddler-ese


What should I have my baby call me?

Pointing as communication

Babies and body language