When do babies start pulling up?

If you set off fireworks, balloons, and live doves when Baby began crawling, hold on to your hat. They are about to take their transportation skills the next level. And by “next level,” we mean pulling themself up and standing!

Why pulling up is a huge milestone

Think about the last time you cranked out a set of crunches on the living room floor or crawled beneath a table to plug in your computer. How did you get back on your feet again? You used your well-conditioned legs and arms, of course. And that’s exactly what Baby might start to attempt by the time they are 8 months old. However, many children wait until the 9 to 12-month range to begin pulling up. Whenever this happens, you should take it as an affirming sign of their physical confidence and growth.

How will Baby start pulling up?

Try and picture a capuchin monkey climbing a tree, using their arms to pull the rest of their body upward. Babies will often apply the same technique to furniture like couches, shelves, or cribs. You might even be surprised to find Baby latching both arms around your leg and slowly pulling themself into an upright position!

Should I take any precautions?

Because Baby will be naturally grabby during this phase, comb through your home and take note of any potential pulling up aides throughout your home that have sharp edges, or anything they could grab onto that might not be steady enough to hold their weight. Put any risky objects in storage if possible or move them out of reach, and if any furniture is at risk for tipping over if Baby grabs ahold of it and pulls, it’s a great opportunity to secure it to the wall.

It’s around this stage that activity tables can be great for soon-to-be-walkers, since they’re pieces of furniture designed to be grabbed ahold of by tiny hands, and once a toddler has pulled their way up with an activity table, the activities may be enough to keep them busy.

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