5 fun, healthy popsicles to make at home

Nothing cools down the excitement of warm weather like the heat, but you don’t need to wait until the ice-cream truck reaches your block to introduce Baby to the kinds of treats that make getting through the heat possible – and the ones you make at home are usually a lot better for Baby and for you. Not all young babies take to the cold of popsicles right away, but especially during hot weather or teething, many others enjoy them a lot. Once you get your hands on some reusable popsicle molds, the only limit to your popsicle options is your imagination. They can be fruity, they can be creamy, they can be whatever you and your little one would like. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

The mom-hito

Baby never needs to know the inspiration for this summery, refreshing lime popsicle with a twist. Pour some limeade into your popsicle molds, and instead of filling the molds up to the tippity top, leave just a bit of space. Then add a sprig of fresh mint to the base of the popsicle for an extra refreshing touch – you can keep the mint from sinking into the mold by anchoring the end of the mint sprig where the popsicle stick snaps into place.

Attack of the frozen popsicle-snack

You don’t need to give up on filling, healthy snacks for Baby and yourself just because it’s sweltering out. Alternate stripes of plain or vanilla yogurt with a puree of your and Baby’s favorite summer fruits for a festive look, or just mix it all together for more of a frozen smoothie effect.


If your child’s healthcare provider says it’s alright to feed Baby coconut – which is officially classified as a tree-nut, so it’s a good idea to check – cool and creamy coconut milk popsicles are a great source of iron and potassium. Adding coconut shreds is also a great source of fiber, and makes for the kind of texture that will help keep the popsicles interesting.

The deconstructed popsicle drink

You’ll want to have a couple of different types of juice on hand for this one, though which kinds you use are up to you. Use an ice-cube tray and two or three of your family’s favorite juices, and make a tray full of juice cubes. Once frozen, let Baby choose which juice cubes to add to a little cup of water, then watch the color change as the cubes melt! 

…and one for you

Baby isn’t the only one who needs to beat the heat, and Baby doesn’t have to spend all day chasing after themself. When you’re putting together a batch of popsicles for your little one at the beginning of a hot week, try making yourself an extra cup of coffee, fixing it the way you like it, and pouring it into one or two of the spaces in the popsicle mold. Chances are, when Baby needs a pick-me-up, you will too.

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