Baby nutrition and eating

Nutrition plays a huge role in baby's health. Ovia offers info and advice on baby nutrition and eating so baby stays happy and healthy.

Top 10 easy and healthy homemade snacks for your toddler

A baby is fed from a bottle

Cluster feeding: Our survival guide for parents

A person out of view applies moisturizer a baby's cheek

Allergic reaction vs. eczema flare-up: How can I tell the difference?

Baby eats from a spoon

Is your baby ready for solids? Top 7 signs to look for

Father feeds baby from a bottle

USDA guidelines on food allergies: What they mean for your baby

Pumping image

Know your rights: Pumping at work

Mother kissing newborn baby on grey background.

When breast isn’t best: How one mom accepted that breastfeeding wouldn’t be part of her family’s story

toddler drinking water

Does my toddler drink enough water?

dad with toddler eating

How much should my toddler eat?

toddler using sippy cup

How long should a toddler use a sippy cup?

toddler eating ice cream

Encouraging your toddler to use silverware

toddler eating with spoon

Ways to make eating with utensils fun

toddler eating ice cream

Toddlers and treats

toddler eating

Solving food issues with your toddler in the second year

toddler eating

Making sure your toddler gets proper nutrition

mother bottle feeding baby

Combining formula and breastfeeding

woman and newborn

How breast milk changes as your baby grows

baby reaching for food

Is it okay to let my baby snack?

baby eating

Minimizing the mealtime mess

parents feeding bottle to baby

Introducing the bottle to a breastfed baby

baby eating

Do babies have taste preferences?

baby eating

Introducing new foods to your child

A person feeding prepared baby food in a jar.

Let’s talk about prepared baby food

A couple running with baby to represent exercise while breast feeding.

Is it safe to exercise while breastfeeding?

A woman burping baby to represent how to effectively burp your newborn.

Burping your baby

A woman breastfeeding newborn to represent how to get a newborn to latch on.

Getting your newborn to latch on

A person breastfeeding a newborn.

Newborn feeding times

A baby laying down.

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Introducing your toddler to new textures at mealtime


Dinner for two: 6 eating tips for a healthy breastfed baby

Toddlers and silverware regression

When should I change bottle nipples?

5 positions every breastfeeding mom should try

Breast milk storage basics

Help! My baby won’t self-feed

parent and child kneading dough

Dad does the cooking: One father on the benefits of giving up stereotypical gender roles

A breastfeeding journey

When should you switch Baby to a sippy cup?

A person feeding their baby breast milk.

How long does pumped an stored breast milk stay fresh?

A person bottle feeding their baby.

7 tips for bottle feeding

How you can get more milk when you pump

How often should a baby breastfeed?

Signs that your baby is hungry (and full!) 

Breastfeeding benefits for you and your baby

An intro to breastfeeding

5 fun, healthy popsicles to make at home

Finding kid-food at restaurants with no children’s menu

Living with a peanut allergy

Cow’s milk interaction

Homemade baby food – where to start?


What is BPA? Should I be concerned?


How to make healthy and cost-effective baby food

Why do some breastfed babies reject the bottle?

Help! My toddler won’t eat meat!

Can a baby taste food through breast milk?

When can I stop worrying about choking hazards with food?

Helping toddlers develop healthy food-regulation habits

Building a baby food stash without buying special equipment

Feast or famine: Your toddler’s varying appetite

Pros and cons of snacktime

Tips for encouraging your toddler’s healthy immune system

Should my toddler be taking a multivitamin?

Sick day meals for fussy toddlers

Putting the FUN in food

What to do about latching problems

Breastfeeding multiples

Fun new ways to introduce vegetables

What kind of milk should my toddler be drinking?

Tips for transitioning away from a sippy cup

Toddler feeding problems


Why does baby need to wait for solid foods?


Babies, solid foods, and when they should meet

It takes a village: How community programs can enrich your baby’s life

Nutrition as the building block for your baby’s growth

Myths and facts about WIC

A mother putting on a new diaper.

Newborn poo: a quick and dirty guide

Emerging food allergies in the toddler years

Table manners for toddlers

Help! My little one won’t eat anything!

Does sugar make kids hyper?

Introducing your toddler to adult dishes

Toddlers who won’t chew

Sneaky ways to add extra iron to your toddler’s diet

The benefits of toddlers playing with their food 

Two-year-olds and sweets

How many calories does a toddler need?

Encouraging adventurous eating in the second year

Weaning a nursing toddler

Delicious dinners for the whole family

Toddlers and picky eating

Healthy lunch ideas for your toddler

Strategies for introducing strange new foods

Great breakfasts for your toddler

Establishing dietary rules for toddlers

When should a child use silverware?


Why can’t babies eat honey yet?

Mealtime hacks for life with a baby

Spotting healthy baby snacks

7 tips for stopping nighttime feedings


6 strategies for getting baby hooked on solids

Getting your picky eater a balanced diet

Food ideas for a toddler birthday party

Tasty, healthy toddler snacks that adults will enjoy, too

Tips for encouraging silverware use

3 easy recipes for your 10-month old

Why table manners can wait


The skinny on food allergies

Lactation graham crackers with cinnamon almond butter


Switching your child to solids


Pros and cons of baby-led weaning


Why is my baby still spitting up?

Stages of silverware use

Foods that will make your child TOTALLY forget about baby cereal

When can babies start feeding themselves?

Helping your baby establish healthy eating habits


When can I introduce cow’s milk?

5 healthy foods for your baby

7 reasons to work yogurt into your baby’s diet

When can I introduce the sippy cup?

Your baby the foodie: how to raise an adventurous eater

That’s so metal: iron in your baby’s diet


How do solids affect a baby’s poop?


High chair safety tips

When can I put my baby in a high chair?

Health symbol.

What is thrush?


What to do if a child is choking

Reintroducing foods your toddler has refused in the past

Living with a shellfish allergy

Living with a tree nut allergy

Living with a fish allergy

Living with an egg allergy

Dealing with a respiratory allergy

When can babies drink water?

A baby about to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding: How long should I do it?

Open cups and messy eaters

Introducing cow’s milk 

What is toddler formula?

When to stop using the high chair

What to do when your baby hates the sippy cup

5 easy-to-clean-up snacks your baby will love


When can baby eat food that’s been salted?

Do babies need a multivitamin?

Foods that are no longer off-limits

Toddlers and multivitamins  

Can toddlers have sweets?


To sippy cup, or not to sippy cup?


Why might a toddler have a drop in appetite?

Food allergies vs. food sensitivities


4 quick meals for the whole family


Helping baby let go of the bottle


How do I switch my baby from bottle to cup?

Messy finger foods you hate to love

Helping babies eat on their own