13 fun uses for your baby monitor

Thanks to Baby you’re now the proud owner of a camera, monitor, microphone, and a pair of speakers. They let you keep an eye on your little one when you’ve got to step away, but that’s not all they’re good for!

When your baby monitor isn’t busy monitoring your baby, there are a few fun ways you can make the most of your new piece of technology:

  1. Play Marco Polo around the house
  2. Play hide and seek with the speaker by putting it in weird places
  3. Use it for home security, especially if your monitor is web-enabled
  4. Swap baby with a teddy bear and see how long it takes your partner to notice
  5. Make sounds with household objects and try to guess what they are
  6. If you’re having a party, set up monitors in two rooms so your guests can talk to one another
  7. Speaking of partying, place a few monitor speakers around the living room, then play music into the receiver. Boom – now you’ve got surround sound!
  8. Read to baby from your book or newspaper while you lay in your own bed
  9. Point the video camera at a part of your baby’s body, really closeup, and see if your partner can guess it
  10. Use it to confuse the heck out of your dog in a different room
  11. Point a video camera at the TV so you don’t have to pause your show when you get up (Netflix in every room!)
  12. Scare the pants off your partner by sneaking into baby’s room and saying “feed me!” really loud into the monitor
  13. Set a camera looking at the coffee pot so you know it’s full before you get out of bed

What else can you think of?

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