Adventures of the bouncing baby

At this point in Baby’s life, you may notice that they have a new hobby – if you stand them up in your lap or beside you, with you holding them upright, there’s a good chance they will start to bounce.

Baby won’t bounce like a bouncy ball, but they might bounce a lot like a slightly older child on a trampoline. When babies really get bouncing, it can make some parents worry, either because they’ve heard old wives’ tales about holding babies in the standing position like that making babies bow-legged or damaging their hips, or because they’re remembering warnings about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

SBS isn’t connected to this bouncing, which Baby generally sets the pace for themself. SBS affects children who are shaken violently, generally out of anger or frustration. Even at their most active, Baby won’t even get close to putting themself in danger of SBS.

In fact, this bouncing helps build up Baby’s leg muscles and coordination, and can be a sign that they are getting ready to start ‘cruising’ around the room, and then walking.

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