Simple ways to make your Mother’s Day special 

Everyone is facing their own unique struggles right now, and that might impact your Mother’s Day this year. Even if you’re feeling like you have a lot to celebrate — maybe it’s your first Mother’s Day, maybe it’s your fifth, maybe you have a baby on the way — for many, the day may feel bittersweet; some might not be in the mood to celebrate. However you’re feeling is okay, and however you want to recognize the day is okay too. 

No matter what you choose, here are some simple ways to make the day feel a little bit special:

Get some rest. Sleep in — for real. If you have a partner, let them take care of your little ones while you get some extra rest. Or if you don’t usually take a nap when your child does, then today’s the day to do it. Get comfy, stretch out, it’s your day.

Eat a really good meal. Ask a loved one that you live with to cook you a favorite meal or even a special dessert. Or, if cooking is something that brings you joy, cook or bake a new recipe that you’ve been wanting to try.

Order takeout. Why not skip cooking today? You deserve a break.

Dress up — or down. Clothes are a powerful tool that can shape your mood. If you’ve been living in leggings, put on a favorite outfit (even if it’s just for a bit). Or maybe this is the day (or just another day) that you live in your coziest pair of pajamas. Whatever you choose, let it be an outfit that makes you feel phenomenal.

Make some time for solo self-care. No matter what that looks like for you —  maybe it’s watching a favorite show, taking a bath, working out, taking a walk alone, listening to your favorite album, or giving yourself a pedicure — you deserve to get some time to yourself.

Get outside. We’ve all been cooped up lately, and staying home is important, but if it’s safe to get outside where you live, this could be a great day for it.

Make some time for unique family fun. Do something with the loved ones you live with that you might not on a normal day. Play a new game, make a new meal together, let your kids turn your whole living room into a giant pillow fort and join in — enjoy their company and connect with them by trying something new. 

Ask your loved ones to plan something special. Either let your partner and kiddos figure out what you might like or ask for what you’d like, since you do have to ask sometimes.

Get yourself a gift. The best way to get the gift you want is to buy it yourself. Or if that isn’t in the cards right now, do some online browsing and pick a gift to give yourself in the future.

Connect with your mom, the maternal figures in your life, or your other mom friends. This may be an especially hard holiday for you if you’d rather be spending it with these loved ones. So take some time to call, video chat, email, or send a gift or a meal — whatever would help you feel a little closer.

Jot down your feelings — and maybe even share them. Writing down your thoughts and feelings, in whatever form you’re drawn to, can help you process them. Maybe your outlet is private journaling, or starting a funny family newsletter, or sharing your thoughts on social media — whatever the format, just get your feelings out there.

Take note of what you’re grateful for. Certainly, that won’t fix the situation. And even if your gratitude list doesn’t extend beyond “being a mom to a great kid” right now, making note of that may help give you a little boost. And you deserve to feel as good as you can today.

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