6 easy, meaningful ways to celebrate your mom if you’re apart

For many this year, celebrating Mother’s Day will be emotionally or logistically challenging. With a lot of time apart this past year, many of us would much rather be spending the day together, but just can’t. This list is for you if you’re still practicing social distancing or if you just live far away from your mom or grandmother, or another mother figure in your life. There’s still a lot you can do to make these people feel special this Mother’s Day. Here are a few simple ideas to let her know how important she is to you.

1. Connect virtually

Call or video chat with your mom, or plan a larger virtual hangout with your extended family. You could even arrange to virtually watch a movie together or play an online game (there are a lot of surprisingly fun ones) — anything you can do to try to feel a little closer can make a big difference.

2. Send food

Is there something special you typically make together or a baked good she particularly enjoys? If so, spend a little time making something delicious and thinking about her. You could even include your little one(s) in the baking! Or, if that’s not your thing (or it’s too last minute), call up her favorite local spot and order her something you know she’ll love.

3. Send a gift

This last year has been a tough one financially for a lot of people. But if this is an option for you, buy a gift for your mom online. You can go the usual route — flowers, chocolates, and the like — send groceries or other necessities, or make a donation in her name to a charity or organization that’s doing important work right now.

4. Have your kiddo make a gift

Help your kid(s) make a painting, a handmade card, or another age-appropriate craft. Encourage them to explore other creative options, like an arrangement of dandelions or a sidewalk chalk drawing. Whatever your little one comes up with, send it along in the mail, if possible, or just text a picture — anything to let her know you’re thinking of her.

5. Send a virtual “care package”

Create a curated list of a few goodies that you think your mom would love that you can share by text or email. You could include a list of the best new movies to stream, an album she hasn’t heard, a virtual tour of a state park or art museum that you think she’d like, a new food recipe, a recipe for a homemade mask or body scrub, a video of your kids, a virtual photo album — even just a couple of items you think she’d appreciate would be special!

6. Write a letter

Let your mom know that you’re thinking of her. Everyone likes to get snail mail from a loved one! Or keep it simple and send an email if you want it to arrive today. Becoming a mom often causes you to reflect on your life in new ways, and this last year has put a lot of things into a new perspective. Put some of your feelings down on paper — or onto a screen — and share, from the heart.

If any of these ideas feel like they’d be stressful or too much work to do today, don’t worry — we know you’ve got plenty on your plate, and this is your special day too — just give your mom a call, tell her you love and miss her, and know that she’ll appreciate any of these other goodies next week or next month too.

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