Ovia Family Award Winners: Family Cars

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Each year, we ask Ovia parents to nominate their best-loved products and brands and tell us why these picks made such an impact on their journey into parenthood.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to determine which best-of-the-best, tried-and-true products are worthy of an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know what you’re buying was chosen by parents who’ve used it, trust it, and can genuinely recommend it to other growing families.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best Family Car Brand
  • Best SUV/Minivan
  • Best Four-Door Sedan

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

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Best Family Car Brand: Toyota

“By far the safest brand on the road.”

Once you become a parent, your criteria for a great car has more to do with space and safety than flash and speed. The majority of Ovia parents told us they rely on Toyota to transport their family, crediting everything from on-the-road reliability to kid-friendly features.

While many parents had Toyota’s superior safety top of mind, they also praised the company’s exceptional service and support. 

“Amazing company and the cars are extremely reliable. We have never had a breakdown ever and haven’t paid for an oil change since 2016. When you stay with them and your car needs to change they work with you to make sure you are comfortable with your new purchase.”

Parents love Toyota’s reliability, which means breakdowns and repairs don’t get in the way of their family’s important errands and activities.

“I have a 2011 Highlander that I have put almost 200k miles on. To this day, I have never had any problems with it beyond routine things, like batteries going dead, brake pads changes, spark plugs changes etc. It’s a wonderful car and I would recommend for anyone! Spacious, 3rd row seats, and most importantly, safe!”

The Toyota Highlander is well-loved among Ovia parents for its family-friendly features.

“We have the Highlander which is a great car for kids because it has the captain’s chairs in the second row which are nice for the car seats!”

We also received stellar reviews for our three finalists below:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Honda (winner of BEST SUV/Minivan)

Best SUV/Minivan: Honda Odyssey

“The best car to get if you have kids! Everything fits in this minivan, EVERYTHING!!”

Need something a bit roomier for your growing family? Ovia parents simply raved about the Honda Odyssey’s ability to pack in everything and everyone safely and comfortably. 

From strollers and car seats to science projects and sports equipment, parents love that the Odyssey is designed to fit it all.

“The Odyssey was built with families in mind and there are a lot of thoughtful additions that make life so much easier. Plus I can easily fit car seats and I know it’s a reliable and safe car. I love it!”

“Very spacious and comfortable, even for passengers using the last row, which is great for larger families. You can also put the back seats down and even remove the seats in the middle row to get loads of space in the back for transporting large items. Can’t recommend this enough!”

The Odyssey’s seats move up and back as well as side to side, so kids can move closer or further apart, helping to preserve the peace. Plus, its LATCH system can fit up to five car seats at once, making it the ultimate vehicle for large families and carpools. 

“Honda Odyssey, for sure! It has capacity for more safely installed car seats, the 8th seat feels like an actual seat, I love the ability to slide the seats around, and it drives like a car!

And check out our family-friendly finalists, including two other Honda models:

  • Ford Explorer
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Pilot

Best Four-Door Sedan: Toyota Camry

“My favorite sedan. It’s sporty, safe, and the best looking car. I’ve had 2, by far my favorite car on the market.”

Parents love the Toyota Camry for its perfect fusion of safety and style. It’s been a best-selling mid-size sedan for families, year after year. 

Whoever said the family car can’t be cool? While safety was the factor Ovia parents mentioned most, the Camry’s sporty look and smooth ride definitely didn’t hurt either. 

“Sporty mom car and safe Sedan in one.”

“I’m voting for the Camry because it’s safe and has a smooth ride.” 

There’s no denying that babies travel with a lot of stuff. The parents we spoke with loved the Camry’s cavernous trunk and split fold-down rear seats. 


We also recommend taking a peek at our finalists. The competition was strong in all our family car categories:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Nissan Altima

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