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Doing you: protecting your emotional health while TTC

When you’re having a hard time, sometimes the worst thing to hear is that you need to relax. You know that – in fact, you can feel it better than whoever is telling you to do so. Hearing it can even feel like your emotional response isn’t being respected. When the stress is about trying to conceive, it can feel even easier to take personally, because it’s the future of your family you’re concerned about.

How to reduce stress when trying to conceive

If you’re having trouble conceiving, though, “relax” may be one of the most common things you hear, either directly, or in more round-about ways, as people talk about how they conceived as soon as they stopped trying.

It’s okay. You don’t need to stop trying.

Finding ways to unwind as you do try, though, can help to make the whole process of trying to conceive easier on you, easier on your partner, and easier on your baby when you do conceive.

Express yourself

Whether you’re totally open about the process of trying to conceive with your friends and family or you and your partner are keeping it to yourselves for a while there may be times when you want the chance to say something out loud, but don’t necessarily want to open yourself to well-meaning advice from relatives, or friends who might not be at exactly the same point in their lives. Keeping a journal, keeping a blog, or looking into message boards or support groups for couples who are trying to conceive could all be good outlets.

The power of two

Trying to conceive can be hard on a couple, especially if it takes longer than you were expecting, and at a certain point, it may feel like the conception process is taking over your life, or at least your relationship. Specifically setting aside times to do things together that have nothing at all to do with conception can help combat that feeling like the relationship that is the foundation of the family you’re building is slightly out of reach.

Time out

It’s not giving up to give yourself (and your partner!) a few days, or even a few months, off from trying to get pregnant, if trying to conceive starts to feel like it’s too much. Instead, it can be more like recharging, so that you’ll be full of energy and a positive attitude when you jump back in again.

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