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When your cycle’s out of sync: how travel can affect ovulation

Have you ever been doing a lot of traveling only to realize with surprise that, well, something was up down there? Or returned from a trip to notice that your regular-as-clockwork cycle was out of sync? Sometimes when this happens it’s confusing at best, nerve-wracking at worst. But it’s not just you. Traveling and stress can induce changes in your normal menstrual cycle and ovulation patterns. Read on to learn more about why.

How can travel affect ovulation?

Your menstrual cycle and ovulation are controlled by a specific balance of hormones that your body gets pretty darn used to, and any changes in this balance can result in a shift in ovulation date. Travel, particularly under stressful circumstances or over different time zones, has been known to interfere with the timing of ovulation, which can make it more difficult to identify your fertile window. It is not the literal, physical act of traveling that can affect ovulation, but rather all of the stressors and environment changes that come along with it.

Is traveling while TTC a bad idea?

Although some people may notice a change in their menstrual cycle and ovulation during or after a trip, the majority are unaffected. Travel can certainly agitate and manipulate the timing of ovulation, but so can just about anything that causes a lot of stress. Individuals who are actively TTC and who are particularly prone to stress may not want to fly across eight time zones, as this may result in a change to ovulation and throw a bit of a wrench in TTC plans. However, most people will be unaffected by any ovulation shift, and can feel confident proceeding as planned with any travel plans. And if it seems like your cycle’s thrown off a bit, you’ll probably have a good sense of why.

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