best maternity and postpartum clothes

The best maternity and postpartum clothes

The best maternity and postpartum clothes of 2021, according to Ovia parents and expectant parents.

What are the Ovia Family Awards?

Each year, we ask Ovia parents to vote for their favorite family products, including the retailers that offer a variety of maternity options and the brands that marry style and comfort. 

This year, we collected 40,000 votes and thousands of thoughtful recommendations from parents to find the best-of-the-best, tried-and-true products worthy of an Ovia Family Award. When you see the Ovia Family Award seal, you know the product you’re buying was selected by parents who’ve used it, trust it, and can genuinely recommend it to other families. To find the full list of Ovia Family Award Winners, tap here

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best maternity retailer
  • Best maternity brand
  • Best maternity jeans
  • Best nursing bra
  • Best recovery wear brand

Best maternity retailer and best maternity jeans: Target

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for maternity clothes, Ovia parents say look no further than Target. Besides offering a wide-range of styles and sizes, Target’s online store is a quick and easy way to find all the items you need without breaking the bank. And if you’re looking for a great pair of maternity jeans that just feel like you, Target maternity jeans are the way to go! 

Here’s what Ovia parents are saying

Best maternity retailer: Target

“Stock up on their maternity tank tops, they’re AMAZING. You can wear their breastfeeding tank tops post pregnancy and you can’t even tell they were maternity.”

“I just like how convenient it is. Most Target stores have maternity clothes in stock and if you need a size they don’t have, their shipping is very fast.”

Best maternity jeans: Target maternity jeans

“They fit wonderfully and are very affordable. They are also extremely comfortable.”

“They run true to size — easy returns/exchanges.”

Browse Target’s online shelves or pick out a pair of maternity jeans!

Best maternity brand and best nursing bra: Kindred Bravely 

When you’re pregnant, you still want to feel like your stylish self — and that’s why Ovia parents recommend Kindred Bravely. No need to sacrifice comfort or style, you’ll find them both here. 

Kindred Bravely also won, overwhelmingly, for best nursing bra. Stay secure and comfortable in one of their wide-ranging options. Kindred Bravely Nursing Bras are ultra-soft and breathable with functional features to make your life easier. They were designed by a nursing mom, so you know they’ll check every box. 

Want to go directly to the source? Here’s what Ovia parents are saying

Best maternity brand: Kindred Bravely 

“The nursing nightgown is one of the most comfortable things I’ve worn. I kept wearing it long past the nursing stage!”

“Hands-down the best maternity and nursing bras. And the only ones that come in extended and uncommon sizes.”

“Love their clothes, their customer service and mission. I am pregnant with my second and automatically knew where I was going to be purchasing my maternity and breastfeeding items from. I recommend them to all my patients and colleagues.”

Best nursing bra: Kindred Bravely 

“Love the option to purchase in a bundle. Wash up great! So soft for sensitive skin. Love the band extender.”

“I’m an exclusive pumper, the sublime hands free bra saved my life. They are well made and super comfortable to wear all day/night!”

Comfortable and ready to shop? What’re you waiting for?

Best recovery wear brand: Frida Mom Postpartum Kit

When it comes to recovery wear, Ovia parents’ favorite was very clear — the Frida Mom Postpartum Kit. No matter what your labor and delivery was like, this kit has all the wearables you need to recover: disposable postpartum underwear, labor and delivery socks, a delivery gown, instant ice maxi pads, and cooling pad liners. The Frida Mom Kit is for when things get real, providing you with delivery and postpartum must-haves for every step of the journey.

Here’s what Ovia parents are saying

“Everything in there is what I needed and made me feel good. Those witch hazel wipes are Godsend.”

“Covers all the bases and makes sure regardless of how you deliver, you’re comfortable afterwards.”

“This is the best product ever. The ice packs are a game changer.”

Prepping for postpartum? Get shopping!

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