27 weeks pregnant with multiples

Welcome to the final week of your second trimester! Can you believe you’re approaching the home stretch? We’re so excited for you!

Let’s talk about what to expect this week and what you can look forward to as you approach your third (and final) trimester.

What’s new with your babies?

Your babies continue to develop fat beneath their skin to help regulate their body temperatures after they’re born. Their brains are also developing rapidly, which will allow them to control their movements once they arrive.

Your little ones are now opening and closing their eyes with ease. They’re also able to recognize sound, so feel free to sing to and chat with your babies throughout the day to get them used to hearing your voice.

Your babies are just over 2 pounds each now — about the size of a bunch of bananas!

How are you doing? 

Your body might be feeling a bit sore these days as it accommodates your growing little ones (who probably feel less little with each passing day). It’s a good idea to keep your body moving, even if it’s just a walk or two throughout the day. 

New to working out? If you didn’t exercise often before pregnancy, starting light exercise in the second trimester is a great way to keep active and help soothe aches and pains. Talk to your healthcare provider about your plans before you start walking, water aerobics, yoga, or other low-impact options.

Some facilities even offer pregnancy-specific exercise classes, so it might be worth seeing if that’s an option in your area. After all, it’s a great way to meet other parents-to-be! 

Will testing take place this week?

Over the next couple of weeks, you will be screened for gestational diabetes if you haven’t been already. This simple test involves drinking a sugary beverage, then having your blood drawn one hour later to see how your body processes glucose. If your numbers are on the higher end, you may be asked to repeat the test by doing a 3-hour glucose challenge.

Expect your appointments to ramp up in the coming weeks. During the second trimester, appointments are typically biweekly, but you may be seen weekly beginning next week through delivery.

Let’s plan ahead!

What’s sweeter than tiny newborn clothing? Now is an excellent time to start washing and putting away your little ones’ darling duds. Once you have their wardrobes organized, you’ll feel accomplished and will probably have fun envisioning them in their adorable outfits!

Remember to use a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and dye-free detergent when washing their clothes, as chemicals can irritate babies’ sensitive skin. It’s recommended you use this gentle solution for at least the first 6 months, but some parents decide to use it through toddlerhood (and beyond).

Reviewed by the Ovia Health Clinical Team


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