22 weeks pregnant with multiples

Between the kicks and jabs you’re feeling these days, it’s undeniable you’ve got more than one baby moving and grooving in your belly. You’re probably noticing patterns in the movement, and may even get a better sense of who will be the most active baby once they’re born!

You’re well into your fifth month now, and a lot is going on with you and your babies. Let’s see how your little ones are developing this week, as well as what’s changing with you!

How are the babies?

Your sweet babies now have noticeable hair on their heads. It may continue to grow into a full mane until delivery, or they may have just a little fuzz when they’re born. It’s just another fun thing to wonder about when you think of how your little ones will look!

Speaking of hair, your babies’ eyebrows are also forming. Their eyes can sense light, but if you could see behind the lids, you’d see their eyes still lack pigment. Hmm, what color will they be?

Your babies are around a pound each now — about the size of a spaghetti squash!

How are you doing? 

Pregnancy is known to bring some discomfort, especially as time progresses. If you haven’t made the switch yet, treat yourself to some maternity clothes or ask friends and family who’ve been through pregnancy before if they have any used clothes to pass along to you. This is a great way to update your wardrobe for free with a sentimental touch. The stretchy, soft fabric will feel glorious, and who doesn’t love a new (or new to you) wardrobe?

Many people experience sore or swollen feet during pregnancy. A flat soled shoe with arch support and shock absorption is a great option to soothe your soles. Don’t worry — your favorite heels will be waiting for you when you’re ready to slip back into them!

While shoe shopping, be sure to check your size. It’s not uncommon for your feet to grow during pregnancy, so you may have to size up, maybe more than once, over the next few months. Your hands may swell, too, so now is a great time to check your rings to make sure they’re not getting too snug on your fingers.

Feeling extra hungry? That’s to be expected as your babies grow and require added nutrients! Stick with high-protein snacks throughout the day to stabilize your blood sugar and keep you feeling full.

Will testing take place this week?

Most likely not, unless you haven’t already had your anatomy scan, which is typically performed between 18 and 22 weeks. This level 2 ultrasound is used to reveal the sex of your babies and provide detailed measurements about their growth.

The technician will examine your babies’ organs, spine, and face during this ultrasound. There will be an added focus on your babies’ hearts and brains to ensure they’re developing properly. The ultrasound will help the technician check your placenta and umbilical cord to ensure no issues have developed. If you’re curious about anything you see on the screen, ask your technician whether they can elaborate.

Let’s plan ahead!

Let’s talk baby products!

As you build your registry (if you’re doing a registry), do some research on different brands. With so many to choose from, it’s worthwhile to read reviews (and talk to other parents you know) to see what’s recommended. Check out the Ovia Family Awards to find more parent-approved resources.

Now is also a good time to start stocking up on diapers. Pro tip: stretch your budget by buying bigger sizes, as most people will bring newborn size to your shower! 

Reviewed by the Ovia Health Clinical Team


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