The ultimate baby care cheat sheet

There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to taking care of your baby in their first months of life. Luckily, we’ve put together a cheat sheet from Mommy’s Bliss that will help you figure out what’s best for your little one in no time.

Help calm baby by walking around

If baby’s feeling fussy and won’t settle, introducing some movement can help. Your little one got used to lots of movement when they were in the womb. You can mimic this comforting feeling by walking around with baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. The familiar sensation will help relax them and maybe even lull them to sleep!

Soothe baby’s aching gums 

At about 4 months old, baby’s adorably tiny teeth may start to make their debut. If you notice that your baby’s gums are red, swollen, or tender, gently rubbing them with your finger or a cool, wet cloth may offer some relief. Giving your baby a clean teether to chew can also help them self-soothe. Choose one made from solid rubber rather than the liquid-filled or plastic kind. 

For even greater soothing power, add Mommy’s Bliss Organic Gum Massage Gel to baby’s gum-massage routine. It’s formulated with organic herbal extracts like fennel, ginger, chamomile, vanilla, and thyme, and has a mildly sweet taste that babies love. Gently rub it on at the first sign of tenderness to turn those howls into giggles and smiles.  

Stop crying in its tracks

Sometimes, when baby starts crying, it’s hard for them to stop, even when you’ve taken care of whatever upset them in the first place (like changing their diaper). Try to distract them from their tears with a new song, an interesting toy, or by making funny noises and faces. Baby will be so surprised that you’ll be able to stop their crying.

Ease baby’s tummy problems 

Baby’s digestive system is still developing, so it’s common for them to deal with gassiness and colic. Many newborns experience stomach discomfort throughout the day and night and it can be hard to soothe your little one when this happens. Help relieve a fussy baby’s tummy troubles by burping them right after eating, making sure they don’t swallow air while drinking, or giving them gripe water. We love Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water because it’s a tried and true gentle remedy made with organic ginger and fennel that helps relieve gas and soothe stomach discomfort.* If your baby’s stomach issues seem more severe than gas or colic, please speak with your healthcare provider. 

Stay one step ahead with a great multivitamin

When it comes to caring for baby, staying one step ahead at all times is a great strategy, when you can manage it. Keep baby feeling as good and healthy as possible with a well-rounded multivitamin.* Taking essential vitamins can help support baby’s immune system. Mommy’s Bliss has a baby multivitamin filled with essential vitamins and immune support for baby’s healthy development.* The vitamin includes 10 mg of iron and one serving provides 100% of the daily values of vitamins C, D3, E, B1, B2, and B6. Plus, it’s made with organic agave, no artificial flavors, and has a yummy grape flavor that baby will love. 

Want to stay ahead of the baby care curve? Mommy’s Bliss is here to help! Shop their Baby Essentials line for all your baby care needs. With their products, you’ll be set to handle the curveballs parenting throws your way!

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