An illustrated birth control methods to represent how long it may take to get pregnant stopping it.

Getting pregnant after birth control

If you spent years trying to avoid pregnancy, transitioning into a TTC mindset can be weird, to say the least. Now that you’re trying to get pregnant, you might be worried that all the efforts you took to avoid pregnancy might affect your chances of conceiving now. Worry not! Whatever the method of birth control, it’s extremely rare for it to affect fertility. Depending on what birth control you used, you might even be able to start trying right away!

How long does it take to get pregnant after birth control?

With most birth control methods, your ability to get pregnant will return almost immediately. This includes birth control pills, all IUDs, implant, patch, and ring.

The main exception to this is Depo-Provera. These shots inject a hormone that mimics progesterone to stop your body from ovulating. Although it is only supposed to prevent pregnancy for 13 weeks, it may take longer for normal ovulation cycles to return. Most people don’t return to their normal cycle until six months or so after the last shot. Some even may report difficulties getting pregnant as many as two years after stopping Depo-Provera shots, but the majority of individuals will be able to conceive sooner than that.

What if your period doesn’t return?

Most people will return to their normal cycles and be able to conceive within a few months of stopping birth control, with the exception of those who used Depo-Provera shots. If your cycle doesn’t return to normal within six months, consider checking in with your healthcare provider, and remember that since ovulation comes before menstruation in the menstrual cycle, you may be able to conceive before you’ve even seen your period return.

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