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Tracking fertility during the menstrual phase

Ovia makes predicting your ovulation and fertile window easy, all you have to do is enter your data! Although it’s important to log as much data as you can all the time, and certainly your symptoms and moods throughout your entire cycle, logging your sleep and period data like spotting becomes especially important when you’re in the menstrual phase of your cycle.

How to track your menstrual phase with Ovia

Even though you can’t conceive during the menstrual phase of your cycle, tracking your period data and sleep in addition to symptoms and moods can still help you zero in on your impending ovulation and fertile window, as well as help you manage your period symptoms.


Tracking your period data is probably the most important metric to log during the menstrual phase, as you’ll need to indicate whether you’ve noticed your period, some spotting, or nothing. Women may sometimes mistake spotting for a very light period, so it’s very important to note the difference for the most accurate predictions possible. Although we use far more information than just your period to make our predictions, knowing your period data is a great launching point.


When we sleep, our bodies produce a hormone known as leptin, which is instrumental in facilitating ovulation. Many women have difficulty sleeping enough when they are on their period, so making sure that you’re getting enough sleep in the weeks prior to ovulation is an excellent way to help promote your reproductive health, and fertility. Tracking your sleep when you’re on your period is also an excellent way to help manage your period symptoms, and determine if there is any correlation.

Symptoms and moods

Symptoms and moods are always very important to track, as they are among your body’s best mediums of communication – you never know what physical symptoms or emotions might correlate with your upcoming fertile window!

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