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Tracking fertility during the proliferative phase

Ovia makes predicting your ovulation and fertile window easy – all you have to do is enter your data! Symptoms and moods are always important to track, but during the proliferative phase, it’s more crucial than ever to keep a close eye on your activity and cervical fluid as well to most accurately predict your upcoming ovulation and fertile window.

How to track your fertility through the proliferative phase

During the proliferative phase, your eggs are busy maturing in follicles, from which one dominant egg will emerge, and become the only one available for fertilization. Besides your symptoms and moods, tracking your activity and cervical fluid consistency in the days and weeks leading up to ovulation can do wonders toward helping you pinpoint it.


Staying active is among the best ways to control your weight and stay healthy to promote your fertility, but there also may be a link between how active you are and the timing of your approaching ovulation. Though conflicting, some women report feeling either exhausted or highly energized prior to the fertile window, so tracking your activity level can help Ovia figure out exactly when the time is that you’ll be able to conceive.

Cervical fluid

Cervical fluid is among the most important fertility metrics, as it dictates the environment that your partner’s sperm will have to deal with as they attempt to make the winding voyage through your fallopian tube. It also serves as an extremely helpful tour guide for the lost little swimmers by the time ovulation and the fertile window roll around. Cervical fluid trends from dry and sticky (like school glue) to thin and stretchy (egg whites) leading up to ovulation, so tracking this progression is vital for the most accurate predictions possible.

Symptoms and moods

Tracking your symptoms and moods through the proliferative cycle is of course among the most effective ways to track your ovulation and fertile window, as some women notice specific symptoms at certain times, like backaches, increased energy, or feelings of confidence in the days leading up to ovulation. Track your moods and symptoms to find out if anything is correlative for you!

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