Going back to work after baby

Whether you work outside the home or from home, going back to work can be challenging. Here's some information and advice on going back to work after baby.

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

woman on computer works at desk with her child

Not quite balance, but something like a seesaw: How I manage my time as a part-time stay-at-home mom and a part-time working mom

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How perinatal mood & anxiety disorders might affect your return to work

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Know your rights: Pumping at work

Dear World: Please come back. But not exactly as you were

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Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

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Navigating the workplace as a single parent

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Daycare: how soon is too soon?

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

Childcare with multiples

How to manage working from home

Mom working with baby on her lap

How racism led one new mom to work from home 

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Continuing to breastfeed when going back to work

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What work-life balance means right now 

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What to look for in a child care center

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Feeling competitive with your baby’s childcare provider

What’s the best way to switch childcare providers?


Ways to be productive while working from home


Setting the scales for work and life

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What is separation anxiety?

Working from home with a toddler

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Breastfeeding: How long should I do it?

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Choosing a babysitter