Postpartum recovery

Once baby arrives, you might find it harder to care for yourself, but your postpartum recovery is important. Here's some recovery guidance.

Person speaking with Pharmacist

What you need to know about Zurzuvae, the new postpartum depression treatment

Person speaking with Pharmacist

What you need to know about Zurzuvae, the new postpartum depression treatment

Twenty-six weeks postpartum

Twenty-five weeks postpartum

Twenty-four weeks postpartum

Twenty-three weeks postpartum 

Twenty-two weeks postpartum

Twenty-one weeks postpartum

Twenty weeks postpartum 

Nineteen weeks postpartum 

Eighteen weeks postpartum 

Seventeen weeks postpartum 

Sixteen weeks postpartum

Fifteen weeks postpartum

Fourteen weeks postpartum

Thirteen weeks postpartum

Twelve weeks postpartum

Eleven weeks postpartum

Ten weeks postpartum 

Nine weeks postpartum 

Eight weeks postpartum 

Seven weeks postpartum 

Six weeks postpartum 

Five weeks postpartum

Four weeks postpartum

Three weeks postpartum

Two weeks postpartum

One week postpartum

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What to expect from your postpartum healing timeline

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Why it’s important to track your physical symptoms postpartum

woman leans over her baby and smiles

Why it’s important to track your mood postpartum

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Your guide to postpartum healing

view from over a woman's shoulder as her baby nurses

When your birth doesn’t go as planned

A woman lies on her back on a pillow with her hands to the side and her feet pressed together

Postpartum urinary incontinence

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What is the pelvic floor?

The nitty gritty: Emotional stress after giving birth

Women’s history through her healthcare

Women’s history through her healthcare

Ovia’s co-founder Gina Nebesar on her unplanned C-section: “It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was still amazingly special.”

Don’t settle: Find a healthcare provider who really cares

A woman with newborn.

7 things to expect after a vaginal delivery

Mom playing with daughter

Self-care for the introverted: Needing peace and quiet, space and time (alone) as a parent 

A person laughing next to some purple flowers.

Your body and period after giving birth

Mother with baby in her arms faces towards a smiling provider

Find a healthcare provider that really gets you

How to advocate for yourself as a patient to get the care you deserve

Tips for how to cope with postpartum depression in your day to day

How to recognize postpartum depression 

Woman embracing herself

Body image as a new parent

Anal incontinence postpartum

Postpartum constipation

What’s normal for the vagina postpartum?

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Vaginal delivery and that first bathroom trip

8 things to expect after a C-section

Things you know now that you wish you did 4 months ago