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Relationships during pregnancy

While you’re pregnant, every decision you make will be in your or Baby’s best interest. But there’s another person in your life who wants to know how both of you are doing every minute of every day: your partner.

Since your partner doesn’t have the intimate connection you have with Baby yet–feeling every kick, movement, and contraction–it’s very important to keep him or her informed and involved as much as possible.

However, it’s equally important to remember that you’re still the people you were before you conceived. Sometimes it can feel like every conversation you have comes back to Baby, and you might forget to take interest in your partner’s life outside of being a new parent.

Your partner will be your biggest supporter, even through the mood swings and crazy symptoms they’re bound to encounter. You might not remember to thank them every day, or even every week, but you need to communicate that they are appreciated. Your relationship with your partner during pregnancy tends to dictate your relationship as parents. Raising a family doesn’t mean you have to throw your social lives to the wind – you just have to work as a team!

A baby bump doesn’t have to get in the way of romance, intimacy, or spontaneous sex. You might not feel like yourself during these nine months, but getting a little TLC will probably cheer you up, and maybe lead to something more. Use the time before Baby takes over the house to take a little vacation so you can get away from the childbirth classes, baby products, and breast pumps occupying your life.

In the end, a pregnancy will always change your relationship with your partner in some way. You might think you are doing the brunt of the work, but your partner probably wishes you could take turns. Treat your pregnancy as a rollercoaster you’re riding in side by side: hold hands the whole time, embrace the highs and lows, and remember, it’s OK to scream once in a while.

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