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Making new friends during pregnancy: mom group 101

Generally, a mom group is a collection of women who have one major thing in common–babies! They can be specialized (e.g. moms of multiples, single parents, first-time moms) and gather all over the world. It’s a place to make friends, talk through issues, and help Baby bond with others.

How to find a mom group near you

The best resource you have is the internet–you can easily find groups in your area via blogs or websites. You can also search with newspapers, parenting publications, hospitals, universities, and religious institutions. If you can’t find one that’s right for you, start your own! Mom groups don’t have to be big, sometimes it’s easier to communicate with only a few girlfriends. And by word of mouth, your group could attract more moms just like you!

Benefits of joining a mom group

  • It’s a chance to ask baby care questions: Do you want to know how warm Baby’s bottle should be? Are you worried Baby isn’t sleeping enough? Moms just like you will have similar questions and helpful answers.
  • Talk about parenting: You’re probably thinking about preschools, going back to work, and your relationship with your partner–now’s a time to talk about your own choices with other moms and get a fresh perspective.
  • Less isolation: In the first few months after Baby is born, you’ll be totally occupied with feeding, burping, and diaper changes. Getting out of the house to talk with women in the same boat will make you feel more integrated in your community.
  • Help Baby get comfortable with new people: Teaching Baby to play nice with others is important from an early age. Mom groups facilitate playdates, sharing, and hopefully, long-lasting friends!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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