illustration of developing human baby at 33 weeks

33 weeks pregnant

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Week 33! How are you feeling about your upcoming big day?

How’s Baby?

Baby is growing up so fast! Your baby is 17-19 inches tall, the size of a cauliflower blossom, and weighs between 4 and 5 lbs. At this point in pregnancy though, there is a large variation in size from one baby to the next, and it’s harder to give an estimate for how big Baby is getting. As long as your healthcare provider says they’re on track, it’s safe to assume that your little one’s growth is just perfect for them.

Your baby is beginning to keep their eyes open while they’re awake, and before too long you’ll get to see those eyes look right into your own! Baby’s bones are still forming, and though relatively soft, they keep hardening. And your little one’s brain is developing more and more every day. 

Is Baby still causing a ruckus in there? While their movements should have become more regular now, counting them is as important as ever, as it can go a long way in helping you monitor your baby’s health. So it’s a good idea to pick a moment each day to count those kicks and wiggles.

What’s new with you?

Your growing body may increasingly make some of your normal activities harder and more uncomfortable. So take care as you move through your days — take your time getting in and out of bed, cars, or up from seats. Be careful moving in crowded spaces as you might accidentally bump your belly into furniture or lose your balance. Just be patient and forgiving with yourself as you do your usual activities with an amazing body that’s still changing every day. 

Many folks also experience insomnia during their third trimester, which you can blame on a restless mind, shifting hormones, dancing babies and trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Getting enough rest is very important though, so try to get as comfy and cozy as possible so that you can sleep as much as possible. And if you haven’t started using a pregnancy pillow yet, this may help you get comfortable and feel more supported so that you can get in those zzzs. If you’re being kept up at night by prolonged or severe feelings of sadness or extreme worry and you think you might be experiencing anxiety or depression, talk to your OB provider. You have lots of options for care, and there are so many benefits to seeking support now.

As for sex, it’s as true now as it was a few weeks ago, sex is completely normal and healthy right up until labor. You may have to make some creative adjustments to find positions that are comfortable for you, but — unless your provider tells you otherwise — so go for it if you’re in the mood! 

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