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Preparing friends and family for Baby

Having Baby around brings some fun new changes to life, and not just for you and your partner – your friends and family are going to be super excited too, especially if this is your first baby, so it’s nice to let them know what to expect once they are born.

“Sorry friends, but I’ve got a baby now”

As highlighted on “How I Met Your Mother”, it can be tough for friends to get used to seeing less of you, but you need to explain to them that you have greater priorities now than having fun with your pals. Your baby-less friends can still play a huge role in yours and Baby’s life, you just have to let them know that Baby is time-consuming and comes first, every time.

“Watch the tongue!”

Particularly if this is your, and your friend group’s first child, some people may not know how to handle themselves in front of Baby. Although having a vodka-chugging and Fight Club night may have been fun in college, you need to let your friends know that times have changed, and they have to behave differently around them.

Holding Baby

A newborn’s neck is not strong enough to support their head, so it’s vital that the baby-holder support their head with a hand – make sure that your friends and family know how to hold them before you make the hand-off.

The bottom line

Having a baby changes everything, and you’re simply not going to be able to see your friends as much as you once did. However, those close to you can still play an active role in your and Baby’s lives – just make sure they know how to act around your perfect bundle of baby!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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