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DHA during pregnancy

DHA is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that is essential to growth and development.

How does it help you?

DHA lowers blood pressure and may help increase “good” cholesterol, which can improve your overall health. Studies show that it also increases the length of your term, which reduces premature birth and leads to a healthier term.

How does it help Baby?

DHA is a key player in the development of retinal and brain tissue, so it’s super important in creating healthy eyes and brain. It can also help Baby’s hand-eye coordination and attention span.

Where do you find it?

DHA is found in cold water fatty fishes, like salmon and cod. If you don’t like seafood, it’s also in DHA-rich eggs. For vegans, it’s also in algae like seaweed.

What is the recommended dose?

  • 300 mg per day for pregnant women
  • 300 mg per day for women who are nursing

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
Read more
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