Pregnancy nutrition

What you put into your body directly contributes to your baby's health and development. Here's some guidance to help you stay satisfied and nourished by your meals while pregnant.

pregnant woman eating

Food choices to help reduce your risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia

Breaking down BMI

Dietary considerations for a vegetarian pregnancy

Pregnant woman holds stomach and looks at dog jumping on her lap

How to gain more weight during pregnancy

A pregnant woman drinks a cup of orange juice

The truth about food allergies and pregnancy

Pastry chef, Lindsay and her family

Meet bake-at-home mom, Lindsay Morrison

Folate and folic acid during pregnancy

How to survive pregnancy without caffeine

Image of a group of women cooking.

What you need to know about iron-deficiency anemia

Body Positivity

How to be your own best advocate: in conversation with nutritionist Alyson Roux

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Appetite decrease during pregnancy

Mocktails during pregnancy

pregnant woman eating in bed

Appetite increase when pregnant

Cups of coffee

Caffeine during pregnancy: What you need to know

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All about tracking with Ovia

cranberry orange scones

Cranberry orange scones healthy pregnancy recipe

almond joy avocado truffles

Almond joy avocado truffles healthy pregnancy recipe

peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

Salted almond chocolate chunk cookies healthy pregnancy recipe

roasted chipotle and lime chickpeas

Roasted chipotle and lime chickpeas healthy pregnancy recipe


Avocado, pomegranate, and jicama salad

curried carrot shorba

Curried carrot shorba healthy pregnancy recipe

sesame beef strips and stir fry

Sesame beef strips and stir fry healthy pregnancy recipe

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies healthy pregnancy recipe

winter spinach pomegranate salad

Winter spinach pomegranate salad healthy pregnancy recipe

moroccan spiced lentils

Moroccan spiced lentils healthy pregnancy recipe

cucumber salad

Cucumber salad healthy pregnancy recipe

zucchini tomato tian with pine nuts

Zucchini tomato tian with pine nuts healthy pregnancy recipe

garlicky roasted carrot soup

Garlicky roasted carrot soup healthy pregnancy recipe

vegetarian lasagna soup

Vegetarian lasagna soup healthy pregnancy recipe

golden field of grains

Fiber during pregnancy: your body’s expert plumber

pregnant woman looking at apples

Fruits and vegetables during pregnancy

honey lemon and ginger tea

Honey, lemon and ginger tea healthy pregnancy recipe

pregnant woman eating on couch

7 smart ways to get your appetite back during pregnancy

array of vitamins

Prenatal vitamins: what to look for

Newly pregnant? Everything you need to know

What body positivity really means: in conversation with nutritionist Alyson Roux

Nourishing foods to support breastfeeding

Breastfeeding tips for the vegetarian mom

Prenatal vitamins: what to look for

sliced oranges and glasses of orange juice on bright green placemat

Vitamin D during pregnancy: strong bones, strong baby

Chili-stuffed delicata squash 

Flourless chocolate cake…with a surprise! 

Fro-Ba (frozen banana “ice cream”) with peanut butter sauce 

Soba noodles with edamame and sesame-peanut sauce 

10-minute maple-mustard salmon

Strawberry-chia pudding breakfast pops

Kale and chicken sausage soup

Zucchini fritters 

B, L, T, A, H (Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, hummus) 

Loaded fries (#PutAnEggOnIt) 

Cramp destroying kale salad with avocado, strawberries, edamame, and goat cheese

Panko-coconut chicken tenders with honey-mustard dipping sauce

Baked panko eggplant parmesan 

Baked mac and cheese with roasted cauliflower

Avocado toast

Cauliflower and cheddar omelet

Zucchini, mushroom, and chicken farfalle

Fiesta corny muffins 

Fantastic food swaps

7 ways to increase energy during pregnancy

map of chemical compounds with chemical going into test tube

Folate and neural tube development

Is sushi safe to eat during pregnancy?

protein illustrated with red meat, yellow cheese, and green peas

Protein: the blueprints for Baby

roasted cauliflower salad

Roasted cauliflower salad healthy pregnancy recipe

Pregnancy Super Foods! Maximizing Nutrition in Every Bite

Fighting nausea and fatigue with food

brown bowl of edamame or soy beans

Folate and folic acid during pregnancy

Essential nutrients to prioritize during pregnancy

oysters and lemon on a white surface

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Nutrition as the building block for your baby’s growth

cups of milk and a block of cheese

Calcium during pregnancy

Healthy snacking during pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancy

Staying energized during pregnancy

Nutrition tips for pregnancy

Sweet potato lentil hash with chipotle yogurt

Pregnancy superfood granola

Mama-to-be lentil loaf with heirloom tomato jam

Bump up the B12 – lemon kale caesar with salmon and capers

Staying nourished with gestational diabetes

Vitamin A toxicity: What you need to know

Can your diet during pregnancy prevent food allergies for your baby?

Vegetarian sources of protein

bowl of chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup healthy pregnancy recipe

Pregnancy lunch ideas

Your nutrition targets

bottle of multivitamins

Zinc during pregnancy

Salmon en papillote healthy pregnancy recipe

bowl of meditteranean pasta

Mediterranean pasta healthy pregnancy recipe

carmelized onion hummus

Caramelized onion hummus healthy pregnancy recipe

chicken red thai curry

Chicken red Thai curry healthy pregnancy recipe

healthy creme brulee

Healthy crème brulee pregnancy recipe

butternut sqaush barley risotto

Butternut squash barley risotto healthy pregnancy recipe

kale and cabbage salad

Kale and cabbage salad healthy pregnancy recipe

stuffed delicata squash

Stuffed delicata squash healthy pregnancy recipe

Mint limeade mocktail healthy pregnancy recipe

pile of iodine crystals

Iodine during pregnancy


Can I eat tuna during pregnancy?

almost butter granola

Almond butter granola healthy pregnancy recipe

light cauliflower fried rice

Light cauliflower fried rice healthy pregnancy recipe

apple and pumpkin oatmeal

Apple and pumpkin oatmeal healthy pregnancy recipe

simple and sweet potato burgers

Simple and sweet potato burgers healthy pregnancy recipe

pumpkin muffins with blueberries in the oven

Pumpkin blueberry muffins healthy pregnancy recipe

chocolate gingerbread brownies

Chocolate gingerbread brownies healthy pregnancy recipe

crock pot quinoa and veggie stew

Crock pot quinoa and veggie stew healthy pregnancy recipe

good morning oatmeal

Good morning oatmeal healthy pregnancy recipe

red molecules of iron floating on white background

Iron: making blood that’s tough as… iron

fresh salmon sitting on a cutting board

DHA during pregnancy


Can I eat bacon during pregnancy?

kale salad with pickled pumpkin

Kale salad with pickled pumpkin healthy pregnancy recipe

sweet potato soup and cheese croutons

Sweet potato soup and cheese croutons healthy pregnancy recipe

stir fried garlic brussel sprouts

Stir fried garlic brussel sprouts healthy pregnancy recipe


Bruschetta healthy pregnancy recipe