A baby asleep

Baby’s first full night of sleep

Some time between 4 and 6 months, Baby should start to be able to sleep for longer stretches of time, and by 6 months, many babies are ready to start sleeping through the night. Unfortunately, though, it’s completely normal for babies to take much longer to reach that milestone.

When will baby sleep through the night?

You can encourage Baby towards these longer stretches of sleep at night by putting them down to rest while they are sleepy and relaxed but still awake, instead of soothing them all the way to sleep. This will help Baby learn how to fall back asleep in the middle of the night when you’re not there to soothe them. Try to be patient, though – all babies develop at their own pace, and are ready to sleep through the night in their own time. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 70 to 80% of babies sleep through the night by 9 months, but it can happen as early as a few months old, or as late as over a year.

Should I monitor a sleeping baby?

A quiet crib or nursery might seem like a breakthrough, but be sure to check in on Baby after the room goes silent. Sometimes babies will ditch dozing off and spend their private time practicing physical skills like crawling or rolling over. This can be avoided by making sure that they get plenty of activity time during daylight hours. If you notice Baby snoring or wheezing after falling asleep, mention this to your doctor at the next checkup, since irregular respiration can be a warning sign for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

The perks of a well-rested baby

Sleeping helps the human body heal and grow, so perhaps it’s no surprise that doctors routinely observe well-rested babies vastly improve their ability to crawl, handle objects, and even walk. Once Baby adjusts to a more prolonged sleep cycle, you might start witnessing new developmental milestones within the first few weeks!

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