Baby Sleep Health

Sleep is a big part of baby's overall health (just like it is for yours!), so it's important that they get those zzz's.

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Stressless Fest recap

toddler sleeping

What is a reasonable bedtime for an almost-three-year-old?

baby stands up in crib with support from an adult

Bedtime when your baby starts pulling up to stand

mom kissing sleeping baby

Should you ever wake a sleeping baby?

sleeping baby

Baby’s sleep and daylight savings

A baby napping on a schedule.

3 keys to napping

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Pros and cons of room-sharing

sleeping baby

Is my baby sleeping too much?

baby asleep in crib

What you should know about crib safety

A baby sleeping on back.

Baby’s sleep position

What should I put in a newborn’s crib?

A baby laying down.

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Your toddler the early riser

Napping during an illness


What’s the deal with co-sleeping?

Normal napping patterns in almost-two-year-olds

Dealing with toddler sleep regression

Getting your toddler’s sleep schedule back on track

Tips for encouraging your toddler’s healthy immune system

How much sleep should a two and a half-year-old get?

Setting reasonable bedtimes as your toddler moves into childhood

Being flexible with the bedtime routine

Is my almost-three-year-old ready to stop napping?

Nightmares and night terrors

Are naps really necessary?


It’s raining, it’s pouring, my baby is snoring

A person holding their crying baby wondering how to get the baby to sleep through the night.

Tips to encourage uninterrupted sleep in your newborn

Pros and cons of quiet time at bedtime

Common sleep problems in the third year

Your toddler’s first pillow

When your toddler has scary dreams

Napping patterns in the third year

Transitioning to a toddler bed

Strategies for preventing and coping with nightmares

Night light alternatives and helping toddlers enjoy the dark

Bore your toddler to sleep: Last-resort bedtime reading

Explaining the difference between dreams and reality to your toddler

When your toddler resists naptime

Sleep overview: 18 to 24 months

Tips for breaking the pattern of bedtime battles

Signs your toddler is ready to drop a nap and how to do it

Six things to work into your bedtime routine

When do babies develop circadian rhythms?

When do babies need their own rooms?

3 bedtime routines from parents like you

Help! My baby won’t sleep through the night

Changing napping patterns


Baby’s sleep at 6 months

When is it okay for a baby not to sleep on their back?

Getting your baby to fall back asleep on their own

A baby asleep

Baby’s first full night of sleep

Napping dos and don’ts

Sleep overview: 12 to 18 months

Your toddler and nighttime wandering

When your toddler can’t fall asleep

Handling your toddler’s nightmares

Toddler co-sleeping

Toddlers and the bedtime routine

Getting your ‘baby’ used to a big kid bedroom

Moving Baby out of your room


Dealing with night crying

Helping to ease the room-sharing transition