Myths and facts about WIC

The goal of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is to make sure that all pregnant and postpartum parents and children under 5 in the U.S. have the chance to get the nutrients they need for the healthiest possible start in life during these crucial phases of life.

We’re not really struggling, so my family won’t qualify for WIC

You might be surprised guidelines about who qualifies for WIC vary somewhat from state to state, but in 2022, almost 37% of infants in the U.S. qualified for WIC. About one million people a year receive benefits from WIC!

The income cut-off for the WIC program is 185% of the federal poverty guidelines by family size. This means that many families qualify for WIC even if their income is too high to qualify for other assistance programs. All types of people use WIC: teachers, lawyers, nurses, coaches, shop owners, childcare providers, and more.

I’m not a biological parent, so my family won’t qualify for WIC

Any young child, no matter which parent or guardian they live with may be eligible to get WIC benefits for nutrition.

I’m pregnant, but I don’t have a child yet, so I won’t be eligible

Pregnant people are all eligible to be considered for the program, and any pregnant parent who meets other WIC guidelines, such as qualifying for Medicaid, will be covered by WIC assistance. Even when pregnancy ends, WIC extends benefits to the birthing parent for 6 months and up to a year postpartum if breastfeeding. 

WIC only provides financial support for food

Support for purchasing food for your family and your baby is one amazing benefit of WIC. On average, WIC recipients receive $500 a year to buy things like fruit, vegetables, baby formula, baby food, and more. Plus, WIC offices also support families by offering education on nutrition, breastfeeding support, and referrals to other services families may need.

It’s difficult to sign up for WIC and to use the benefits

The WIC benefits card (eWIC) works just like a debit card at the grocery store, and the smartphone app makes it easy to shop with WIC. It’s actually very simple to see if you’re eligible for WIC benefits. Just tap the button below to visit their website! 

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