6 hilarious mom beauty hacks

Many find that the moment they become “Mom” all beauty routines go flying out the window (can you even remember the last time you washed your own hair). Others find that their morning routine is what makes them feel like themselves and not just “Mom” (or MOM!! Or MOMMMMMMMMM!!!). No matter which of these camps you fall into, we’ve got you covered on some helpful, weird, and hilarious Mom beauty hacks, sourced from the ones who know best.

Putting the “multi” in “purpose”

Are you starting to see that cream you rub on your little one’s dry skin in a new light? One Ovia mom recently reported that after a years-long search for the perfect eye cream, she found it right under her nose. Or at the least she was able to  convince herself of that for efficiency’s sake. But seriously, we love a multipurpose product.

Spa day, for Mom

Ovia Moms have been known to announce a ‘beauty salon day’ after a particularly challenging morning routine. Put on some gentle music, turn down the lights, and invite your older kids to paint your toenails. Let them spray some detangler in your hair and practice their scalp massage technique. You’re really the one helping them gain valuable skills. (Skills they’ll have the opportunity to refine again and again.)

Spa day for little ones

Ok, hear us out on this one — put that music on, turn the lights down, place some cucumbers on your littles one’s closed eyes, put their little feet in some warm soapy water. Maybe they even practice some deep breathing exercises with you? Maybe they even fall asleep? Wishful thinking?

Movement hack

Motherhood brings with it a lot of running around, but not necessarily a lot of time for running (if you’re someone who even had that desire before). An Ovia Mom recently scoffed at a question about her exercise routine after a day of picking up her kids’ toys and providing them with an endless stream of snacks. Here’s our exercise hack: give yourself a break. You’re doing great.

A new routine

Whether you’re the kind of family sprinting to the bus, toothbrushes dangling out of your mouths, or you’ve got your kid’s lunch all packed up the night before, we could all use a little more time in the morning. An Ovia mom, recently reported putting her kids to bed in their “tomorrow clothes” — truly an idea from the future.

No time for coffee??

Nothing a good “stick your head in the freezer for a second” can’t solve. Ok, that’s not true, but we can’t say we haven’t been there.

But seriously, when it comes to motherhood and beauty, for many people it’s the little things that make them feel like themselves. A little spritz of perfume, 5 minutes of meditation when you first wake up, lighting a candle at night. Motherhood might not exactly make it easy to prioritize your beauty routine, but we’re here to remind you that it looks good on you.

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