21 weeks pregnant with multiples

Time flies when you’re having more than one! Can you believe you’re already in your fifth month? 

With that second trimester energy flowing, you’re probably eager to start getting things in order for when your babies arrive, and we’re here to help you organize your to-do list.

Let’s look at what’s going on with your babies right now, as well as some tips for making this a positive week for you!

What’s new with your babies?

Those little flutters you once felt are quickly becoming a thing of the past as your babies kick their movement up a notch. You may feel like your belly is being used as a punching bag at this point, and with more than one baby inside, you’re probably getting hit from all angles. 

Though uncomfortable, many expectant parents find movement during pregnancy to be a comforting means of reassurance that their babies are active and healthy. You may soon begin to differentiate between your babies’ movements, which is a fun way to predict what their personalities might be like once they’re born.

Your babies now weigh about 12.7 ounces — about the size of a carrot! 

How are you doing? 

Between the uptick in movement and your growing belly, you might be experiencing some sleep-related difficulties. If you haven’t done so already, now is an excellent time to switch to sleeping on your side when possible, as this position increases circulation and blood flow to your babies. 

Not usually a side sleeper? It can be a difficult adjustment! Try sleeping with your knees bent and placing a pillow between them to maximize your comfort level. A bolster or body pillow behind your back can help you stay in position.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed now that your pregnancy is more than halfway through, try to get a support system in place! Start relying on your friends and family now for help if it’s being offered, and don’t be shy about expressing your needs if you require assistance in any way. This can mean anything from watching older siblings so you can rest to helping you run errands if you’re tired from being on your feet.

Multiples are a heavy weight to carry, and the sooner you get used to asking for help, the easier it will be to lighten your load once your babies arrive.

Let’s plan ahead!

Are you planning to have a gender reveal, baby shower, or both? Now is the time to get cracking on organizing those events. Some gender reveals are low-key parties with close family and friends, while others are more extravagant. Whichever you choose, you’re probably eager to get the news out there sooner than later, so assemble your guest list and get those invitations in the mail!

It’s common for friends and family to plan your baby shower or sprinkle on your behalf. If your loved ones are planning to throw you a shower, talk with them about when you’d like to hold it. Doing it sooner than later, especially when you’re expecting multiples, is a wise choice, since it will enable you to get organized while you still have the energy. It also allows you ample time to order items you may not receive as gifts.

Reviewed by the Ovia Health Clinical Team


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