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Why you need a trusted healthcare provider when trying to conceive

Choosing your healthcare provider is a very important part of the process when trying to conceive (TTC) , as they’ll guide you with sound, personalized advice and care during the course of your attempts to conceive, throughout pregnancy right up to delivery, and then postpartum.

Choosing a trusted healthcare provider

These providers – such as OB-GYNs, midwives, fertility specialists, family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants – will be able to answer any questions you may have with greater certainty than your friends, relatives, or even… the internet. Healthcare providers are there to help, and can provide crucial insight to make your entire journey go as smoothly as possible, from conception to delivery and beyond.

Pre-conception appointment

Though not a requirement, many people will choose to visit with their provider before embarking on their journey to pregnancy. Your provider will answer any questions you or your partner may have, discuss the fertile window and how to identify it, and will review your recent menstrual cycles with you to make sure that you’re ovulating. A pre-conception appointment is certainly not a must, but it can definitely help you get a better sense of the process.

How Ovia can help your healthcare provider

Although Ovia’s responses are fully researched, and we employ a team of medical advisors, Ovia’s feedback and responses do not qualify as medical advice, and the Ovia product is not intended to replace your healthcare provider. However, tracking your data can help you realize when there might be an issue that requires medical attention, and Ovia will also recommend you see a provider if an issue is identified. Ovia can help you better understand your body and advise you along the way, but nothing can be a substitute for your healthcare provider – so it’s important you have a provider you can trust when on your journey.

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