Healthy snacking during pregnancy

Baby depends on you for all of their nutritional needs to help them develop happily and healthily, but between cravings and increased caloric requirements, three meals a day might not cut it. Although moms-to-be shouldn’t go overboard with the snacking, supplementing your meals with healthy options can be a great way to facilitate a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy Baby.

  • Greek yogurt: High in protein and calcium, Greek yogurt is a healthy and delicious snacking alternative to ice cream.
  • Orange juice popsicles: Simply made by pouring orange juice into an ice cube tray that you then leave in the freezer, OJ popsicles are a tasty, fruity snack that contain tons of Vitamin C and other nutrients. Orange juice is frequently fortified with other nutrients, like calcium and Vitamin D as well.
  • Fresh veggies: Although it can be tough to convince a cookiemom to come over to the salad side of things, fresh veggies like broccoli and kale are great to snack on when you’re pregnant for all of the natural benefits they provide to you and Baby.
  • Fruit smoothies: Rife with Vitamin C, and possibly calcium (if you use milk, yogurt or ice cream as a base), smoothies are not only super delicious, but very nutritious as well.
  • Hard-boiled eggs: Packed with protein, hard boiled eggs are super easy to make, and contain a bunch of the protein that Baby needs.

The bottom line

There are a million snacks out there that taste delectable, and are good for you – it’s just a matter of finding some that are right for you. Snacking is going to be a critical part of your pregnancy, so it’s better to make sure that your snacks are healthy, and not just empty calories.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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