Introducing Ovia Health’s Maternity Manager Training Toolkits

Manager Training Resource Center includes toolkits on pregnancy support, parental leave and return-to-work.

Ovia Health is proud to announce the launch of our Maternity Manager Training Resource Center: a hub of comprehensive training and tools for managers.

The resource center — available to all Ovia Health enterprise partners — contains three toolkits spanning pregnancy, parenting, and return to work. Each toolkit is specifically designed to help managers support their employees through the unique stages of working parenthood. 

Manager Training Resource Center includes toolkits on pregnancy support, parental leave and return-to-work.
Overview of Ovia Health’s Manager Training Resource Center

Creating a family-friendly environment

Creating a family-friendly workplace isn’t just the right choice, it’s the savvy one: 83% of millennials would change jobs for better benefits. When managers are trained to proactively communicate company benefits and celebrate working parenthood (and all the steps in between), their employees are more likely to return to work and remain with the company. In fact, 43% of women who left their job after parental leave felt that their employer could have made changes that would have kept them in the workforce. But implementing a maternity manager training program can help.

Enhancing your family benefits solution by offering maternity manager training 

The Manager Training Resource Center enhances and complements Ovia Health’s maternity & family benefits solution by consolidating all the information managers need to support and advocate for their employees in one place. The toolkits include guides for each stage of a parent’s journey (from thinking about pregnancy to managing work-life balance), forms to organize work coverage, and checklists to ensure nothing gets forgotten along the way. 

Organizations succeed when they consider the needs and celebrate the advantages of working parents. Ovia Health is committed to finding new ways to support women and families. To gain access to all the resources and tools Ovia Health offers, join us by visiting or emailing to learn more about our work and our personalized maternity benefits solutions.