About Ovia Health

making a healthy, happy family possible for everyone

Every traveler on the family journey deserves the best in care and early interventions that consider their physical, emotional, and family wellbeing.

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hard science with a soft touch

Addressing the most complex family health issues with research-based resources and clinical engagement solutions.

  • World’s largest reproductive and family health data set
  • Leading clinical research with 40+ peer-reviewed publications
  • Partnerships with leading national institutions and research organizations
  • Outcome-changing predictive analytics
  • Ovia fills in gaps in care for a smoother journey along the fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood continuum

our purpose and values

We believe every person deserves daily support, equitable care, life-saving interventions, and a healthy, happy family.

Lead with radical empathy
We listen, respect, and validate before responding to our community, customers, partners, and each other
Nurture equity, diversity, and inclusivity
We are a community of diverse, open, and imaginative individuals, operating as a whole greater than the sum of its parts, building an inclusive, representative, and impactful platform that closes the gaps in healthcare disparities
Apply technology and data for good
We use data science and clinical evidence to help people gain control of their health, elevating the standard of care for families and future generations

our leadership

Jenny Carrillo, PhD (she/her)


Pamela Abbott (she/her)

Head of Media

Alex Baron, PhD (he/him)

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Gina Nebesar (she/her)

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder

Rory O’Connor (he/him)

VP of Engineering & Co-founder

Molly Howard (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Leslie Saltzman (she/her)

Chief Medical Officer

Corrinne Hobbs (she/her)

SVP Employers

Sandra Nielsen (she/her)

SVP Product Commercialization

Christina Vermillion (she/her)

VP of Product

Cassandre Charles (she/her)

VP Audience Growth & Brand Strategy

Betsy Akins (she/her)

VP of Employer Sales

Von Miles (she/her)

VP of Health Plans

Rich Cole (he/him)

Head of Finance

careers at Ovia Health

We are on a mission to improve the world for every member of the family.

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