Baby illnesses

Little immune systems mean baby will get sick sometimes. Here's some advice on common baby illnesses and when to take them to the doctor.

mother with baby at doctor's office

RSV: What you need to know

Father feeds baby from a bottle

USDA guidelines on food allergies: What they mean for your baby

mom hugging baby

11 signs to call the pediatrician

A baby getting diaper changed to represent managing diaper rash.

5 ways to manage diaper rash

A dad soothing a crying newborn to represent what to do for a baby with colic.

Ways to stay sane with a colicky newborn

A baby sleeping on back.

Baby’s sleep position

A woman burping baby to represent how to effectively burp your newborn.

Burping your baby

A couple traveling with their newborn in a stroller.

8 must-packs for an outing with your newborn

Food allergies in the first two months

illustration of concerned mother peeking into bedroom

3 AM and all is quiet: Reflecting on life after my son’s diagnosis

Mom cuddling baby

A way to remember it all: On fear, hope, and all the photos I took when my baby boy first got sick

What is herd immunity?

Common daycare illnesses that sound scarier than they are

Coping with daycare germs 

Napping during an illness

When your whole family gets sick

Toddlers and UTIs

Small rash on child's neck

Common toddler skin rashes: Part 1

A baby in their parent's arms.

Baby’s first cold

Different types of thermometers and your squirmy toddler 

A mother putting on a new diaper.

Newborn poo: a quick and dirty guide

How you catch and pass a cold

Rash or acne?

When is my toddler too sick for daycare?

Dealing with the flu 

When to take your toddler to the emergency room


The skinny on food allergies


Infant fevers 101

Health symbol.

What is thrush?

Image of germs.

Germs and your newborn


Unstuffing your child’s nose

Keeping your cool: Hydration during an illness

Ear infections in the toddler years

What every parent should know about lead

Dealing with fevers as your toddler gets older

Warning signs for respiratory allergies

Signs of food allergies in toddlers 

Having and teaching compassion toward children with allergies

Talking to care providers about allergies 


All about baby vomit