Breastfeeding can be challenging. Ovia offers information and advice on breastfeeding, including tips for the hard days and mental health support.

Woman on bed pumping milk next to baby

Pumping is Breastfeeding

Paxlovid while pregnant or breastfeeding

women lifts up baby to her face

Clogged or inflamed ducts

A baby is fed from a bottle

Cluster feeding: Our survival guide for parents

man holds baby in carrier, woman kisses baby

Understanding racial disparities in breastfeeding rates

Pumping image

Know your rights: Pumping at work

Mother kissing newborn baby on grey background.

When breast isn’t best: How one mom accepted that breastfeeding wouldn’t be part of her family’s story

mother bottle feeding baby

Combining formula and breastfeeding

woman and newborn

How breast milk changes as your baby grows

A couple running with baby to represent exercise while breast feeding.

Is it safe to exercise while breastfeeding?

A woman burping baby to represent how to effectively burp your newborn.

Burping your baby

A woman breastfeeding newborn to represent how to get a newborn to latch on.

Getting your newborn to latch on

A person breastfeeding a newborn.

Newborn feeding times


Dinner for two: 6 eating tips for a healthy breastfed baby

5 positions every breastfeeding mom should try

Breast milk storage basics

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I couldn’t produce enough milk, but I am not a failure: What I wish I knew about breastfeeding when I was struggling to feed my babies 

A breastfeeding journey

A person feeding their baby breast milk.

How long does pumped an stored breast milk stay fresh?

A person bottle feeding their baby.

7 tips for bottle feeding

How you can get more milk when you pump

5 pumping tips for working moms

Breast pump cleaning guidelines

Continuing to breastfeed when going back to work

Breastfeeding tips for the vegetarian mom

Nourishing foods to support breastfeeding

Why it’s normal to have complicated feelings about breastfeeding

The self-care you need when breastfeeding

How to find a supportive breastfeeding community

8 ways to prepare yourself for breastfeeding success

Lactation consultants: what they do and how they can help

Breast pain while breastfeeding: What’s normal and when to get help

10 interesting facts about breastfeeding

How often should a baby breastfeed?

Signs that your baby is hungry (and full!) 

Breastfeeding benefits for you and your baby

An intro to breastfeeding

My body was no miraculous instrument: On trying to breastfeed and quitting at six weeks

Why do some breastfed babies reject the bottle?

7 things to say to public breastfeeding shamers

Can a baby taste food through breast milk?

What to do about latching problems

Breastfeeding multiples

What are nipple shields?

A mother putting on a new diaper.

Newborn poo: a quick and dirty guide

Weaning a nursing toddler


Post-weaning blues

A baby about to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding: How long should I do it?