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Ovia Health – the digital platform transforming episodic care into continuous support while improving family wellbeing and fostering positive outcomes.

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one platform supporting the complete family care continuum

We are proud to serve millions of people with clinical programs, predictive interventions, and personalized pathways spanning the spectrum of family health, parenting, and menopause.

Women’s Health

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Parental Wellbeing

Children’s Health

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millions trust Ovia to guide them through their most important life events

18+ million family journeys served across 200+ countries and territories since 2012

30+ engagements per member each month

2,000+ health plans and employers provide Ovia Health as a covered benefit

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evidence-based, science-empowered

Ovia has conducted years of clinical research to elevate the standard of care for families, focusing on complex challenges that include the cesarean epidemic and social determinants of family health.

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43 partnerships with leading universities and research groups

50+ peer-reviewed publications for multiple condition areas

1 singular aim to elevate the standards of care for women and parents around the world

it takes a village. ours is the smartest – and the biggest.

We are singularly dedicated to providing comprehensive support for individuals and families during the most transformative life stages.

Built with empirical evidence

Ovia programs are backed by science, with an industry-leading 50+ peer-reviewed publications

Personalized for diverse family journeys

Interactions are created with inclusivity in mind to eliminate disparities driven by race, sexual preferences, disabilities, and social determinants of health

personalized, meet personal

We meet our members where they are. With proprietary analytics, clinical evidence, and personalized attention, we deliver a highly engaging experience that improves outcomes and encompasses physical, emotional, social and family wellbeing.

Physician-developed clinical programs

Solutions spanning the family care continuum: infertility, sexual health, childbirth planning, preterm delivery, mental health, breastfeeding, menopause, and more

Personal health tracking and interventions

Digital symptom tracking and real-time interventions to navigate to the right care — syncs with self-monitoring devices (like Apple Health and Google Fit)

Care Navigator and on-demand services

Unlimited one-on-one support from Ovia’s in-house coaching team of licensed care professionals and family health specialists available 7 days a week

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