COVID-19 Immediate Impact: coming back from the pandemic, stronger than before

Family coming back from COVID

Adding Ovia Health for healthier outcomes, reduced costs, and a safe, productive workforce during the pandemic and beyond.

Learn the facts surrounding COVID-19, your workforce, and things you can do to have an immediate impact for your employees in the next month.

the facts

COVID-19 has impacted many employers and employees. From remote work and home schooling situations, to essential employee burnout, there is a lot of stress on the workforce today. Here’s what we know:

  • Women make up 49% of your workforce — many of them are homeschooling and caring for their children or facilitating childcare, while working from home since the outset of COVID-19
  • Women make 89% of healthcare decisions for their families and as access to fundamental health services continues to shift, they are facing new challenges
  • Adherence to routine and preventive care has dropped significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing healthcare costs and negatively impacting health outcomes for the foreseeable future
    • 30% of prenatal care has been modified (March of Dimes, Ovia Health)
    • 70% drop in pediatric vaccines (CDC).
  • Families are facing increased levels of stress and anxiety, impacting family dynamics and child well-being during COVID-19.
    • $31,800 is the cost of an untreated perinatal mood & anxiety disorder per mother (American Public Health Association)

the reality

Your employees and their families need support, Ovia Health can help

Families use Ovia Health to get the digital, virtual, and personalized care and support they need every day. Ovia Health is providing innovative solutions with navigation to self-care, preventative care, and childcare for families through:

Tools Ovia Health has to help support your employees via COVID-19

Our hope is that employers continue to recognize their increased responsibilities during this time, and act proactively to avoid compromising the careers of an entire generation of working parents, particularly working moms who seem to be the most impacted so far. If you’re an HR leader looking for more ways to support your working parent populations during this time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help.

For more information about COVID-19 and how Ovia Health can help you, email