Digital tools improve mental health by filling gaps in weak support networks

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Digital tools fill a gap in mental health screening and support, particularly for women lacking strong social networks

Published: Connected Healthcare Conference
Authors: Dani Bradley 1 ;  Christina Cobb 1 ;  Adam Wolfberg 1, 2

Ovia investigated patient perceptions of being screened for depression digitally, compared to being screened by their healthcare providers in a clinical setting. We also assessed the role providers, family/friends, and Ovia plays in supporting women’s mental health. The survey had over 2,000 respondents and the results were peer-reviewed by the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) and presented at the Connected Health Conference.

We found that unmarried women are more likely than married women to select digital screening and support tools as key components in their mental health support network, demonstrating the role digital solutions play in filling gaps in perinatal mental health care.

About Ovia Health

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