Over 30% of prenatal care was altered during the pandemic: how digital solutions fill the gaps

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Patient Experience of Obstetric Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Preliminary Results From a Recurring National Survey

Author: Journal of patient experience

Throughout the pandemic, Ovia Health has been monitoring the patient experience so that we can adapt our services to best meet the needs of our members. More than 70,000 members have responded to a survey we’ve been running each week since the Spring of 2020. As a result, we’ve uncovered that 30% of all prenatal care across the country, has been altered over the course of the pandemic.

We published our preliminary findings in the Journal of Patient Experience and continue to adapt our services and products to meet the needs of our members, including offering remote patient monitoring devices, such as blood pressure cuffs to enhance the virtual care patients continue to receive.

About Ovia Health

Ovia Health has helped over 14 million women and families. We offer a comprehensive maternity and family benefits solution from preconception and pregnancy through return-to-work and parenthood. 

Ovia Health:

  • Engages women early, and sustains long term daily participation
  • Actively encourages partners to participate in the process
  • Includes predictive coaching and mobile alerts for identified health issues
  • Supports return-to-work with a proven approach
  • Boosts utilization across an employer’s benefit ecosystem
  • Drives behavior change and reduces maternity costs